Cheering for Runner Up Status! and a BlogWorld Expo ’08 Party

It’s All Good
I'm not sure how much of a Welcome to Vegas this guy is, but he was waiting for me in the airport this afternoon!

I'm not sure how much of a Welcome to Vegas this guy is, but he was waiting for me in the airport when I arrived this evening 🙂

I arrived at the airport this morning to see a couple of Tweets letting me know that the finalists for the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge had been selected. I was very excited and thought I’d check my mailbox first because the contest registration documentation stated that finalists would be notified mid-September. Logic told me that if an announcement was posted that the finalists were selected that probably meant mail was probably waiting in their boxes.

Delta is Ready

Delta is Ready

I headed right to and saw nothing from Whole Foods so I searched the Whole Foods site and when I got to the “What We’re Reading” link and read the article I realized my blog post had been featured! While I didn’t make it to the finalist round, they wrote that some of the runner up selections were so good that they decided to feature them.

I knew we were close when I saw the beginning of the Grand Canyon

Now sure, I’d love to have won the whole contest, or at least to have made it to the Finalist round, but receiving the $25 gift certificate for entering and being featured on the site today is nothing to scoff at or to be terribly disappointed by.

This was the first food contest I’ve ever entered. In my book, this was a win all the way around!

In a year-plus of being the runner up numerous times in the job hunt, this is one Runner Up announcement I can hold my head high with!

Just watch out, because next time I’m gonna BRING IT!

For now, I have safely landed in Vegas, am waiting for Krystyl to arrive so that we can get out and begin our Blog World Expo 08 Extravaganza! I was supposed to go see Zumanity tonight, but didn’t make it into town early enough to get to Will Call for my tickets. No worries, there will be plenty to do and see and hear and watch and learn in the next 60 hours!

Party Time

We headed to The Mirage to attend the Blog World Expo ’08 sponsored TechSet party. I met a couple of people I just started following on Twitter — Adam Jackson and ianternet. It’s great meeting people you’ve only “seen” or read virtually. It’s good for the psyche to know that these people actually exist IRL! 🙂

It’s hot hot hot here and I hear that the convention center is cool, so that will be a good thing.

No cooking for me for 3 nights in a row. What an accomplishment!

For the ladies I met on the plane this afternoon — welcome to the Justopian life! 🙂 and safe travels to you both.


4 Responses

  1. WOW can’t wait to hear all about the blobbing! Have a fun time, learn alot and come home soon to start cooking in the kitchy again! VIVA LAS VEGAS!

  2. You are still the Winner in our book. Congrats on being the runner up and getting featured on the Whole Foods blog.
    Have fun in Vegas….win big!!
    Looking forward to all the stories when you get home.

  3. Thanks Peekers!

  4. Looking out the window is always a lot of fun. 🙂

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