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Andy Warhol Moleskine

Andy Warhol Moleskine

While reading the article about Warren Buffet’s 10 Tips to Wealth on the AOL Welcome Screen this morning, I stumbled onto an equally as interesting (to me), less common sense bit of information article about Celebrity Chefs and the 10 Secrets They Won’t Tell You. There are mentions of the big celebrity chefs; Emeril, Bobby, Giada, Sarah, Paula and Rachel and … well, you get the picture. There is a brief “discussion” of when recipes go wrong, how you’re not likely to ever see one of these chefs in one of their restaurants and how rising to celebrity chef stature is tough.

Yes, this is last year's blog shot, but hey, it was still relevant!

Ok, no secrets here. Nothing common sense didn’t tell me. Although you know, last night when I was broadcasting a long time viewer who unfortunately, doesn’t make it to the show very often anymore popped in to say hi and to deliver 1 year Justopia Cooks anniversary greetings and when we were chatting about my trip to Vegas to attend BlogWorld Expo later this week the conversation drifted to restaurants I should visit. She let me know that I should go to Emeril’s steak restaurant, that she’d had a great meal when she was there and that Emeril was in the kitchen which is entirely visible through the glass walls. I guess she hit it right.

I’m not sure how much time we are going to have to go restaurant hopping and ironically enough, heeding Warren Buffet’s advice about investing the money you’ve made is resounding with me. Rather than dropping a wad of dough on a good dinner in what’s likely to be a crowded restaurant with no guarantee of DEEliciousness, I’d rather go in search of a good web designer to contract with for my new blog site.

My Camera Shot

My Camera Shot

I mean with the scores of people that are going to be in attendance at this expo, surely there is someone there that has just the right creativity, skill and vision to help me achieve my goal — to produce a compelling place for people to walk through the door, pour a cup of coffee, pull up a comfortable chair and tuck in with a good read about the broadcast of a home cook sharing her nightly dinner experiences with 2 dimensional friends across the internet — along with photos, recipes and kitchen tips.

Wow! Check that out! First step of the business plan done … Mission Statement. While I’m on a roll, it’s time to write the Objectives.

It’s time to get to work. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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