Where Does the Time Go?


How often have you noted that time passes quickly, yet you look back on that period of time and it suddenly seems as though it’s been an eternity?

During tonight’s broadcast someone asked me if the year has gone quickly or if it feels like it’s been a year since I began the Justopia Cooks broadcast and as I took a moment to reflect I thought the answer was really both

We made an Indian feast in celebration tonight - browning the lamb

In some respects it’s difficult to believe that 365 nights have passed with the majority of them spent in front of two cameras prepping and dishing up my dinner. On the other hand, with all I’ve done, all that’s been accomplished in this time it seems like much longer than a year since this journey began.

Tumeric, Cumin, Saffron and more added to the lamb

It all began with me believing I had something worthwhile to say about the Justin.tv startup and became an obsessive blogger, writing until the sun came up. A few months later I decided to get out there and get a job to get out of the house and to get away from the computer. But at the same time I was making plans to launch Justopia Cooks on Justin.tv.

The new job happened and Justopia Cooks launched the same week. It was a flurry of activity behind the scenes and I’m not really sure how I managed it all, but things came together and here we are a year later.


I’m heading to BlogWorldExpo on Friday and am hoping to meet people that can help me learn how to upgrade/update the design of Justopia Cooks and of the new Justopia.com blog site. There’s lots to learn and to explore and I am hoping this is the forum to accomplish some of what I need to do.

If you’re going to be at BlogWorld let me know and perhaps we can meet up.

Tomatoes and Yogurt added

Rogan Josh, Rice Pulau, Salad, Chutney and Uttapam -- Rice Bread

It's more like a savory pancake than bread

I’m closing tomorrow and Tuesday — I’ll be back Wednesday and Thursday on Justopia Cooks before I fly off to BlogWorld Expo in Vegas. Yippee!


2 Responses

  1. wow.. this makes me really hungry. I would have headed to the nearest indian restaurant if it was not past midnight here.

  2. Smoky,

    I’m sorry and happy it made you hungry, but at least now it’s a new day and you can go in search of Indian food.

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