Touching Base


With the hurricane bearing down on the Texas coast, the Navigator's Monument in Lisbon seemed appropriate

I’ve had to close the store the past couple of nights and have been busy prior to heading to work so I have not been able to publish a blog post. This is very unusual for me. This is only the 3rd or 4th time I haven’t published a post for 3 – 4 days ever in the 15 months since I launched the blog and I’m feeling rather guilty, but I don’t want to babble on about nothing.

I started a few posts inspired by things I’ve seen on television on Twitter, and on other blogs, but since I’ve stayed away from writing about politics throughout this long presidential campaign, I am trying to sit on my hands and not stray from that decision.

But … I penned a post last night and I will give you the headline and first sentence and leave it at that. If you’ve been following the race, this will not be a mystery to you:

“Justopia, Have You Ever Met a Head of State?”

“Yes Charlie, I have; His Excellency, the President of Singapore Thiru S.R. Nathan, but I wasn’t called Justopia in 2003 when we met.”

With that, it’s time for me to move on.

I’ll be back tomorrow night with another DEElicious dinner! I’m thinking pork chops and either rice or couscous and zucchini. Sounds good, right?


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