GREAT JTV Viewing this Afternoon with Jamie Oliver

Worthwhile Viewing

Chicken Parmesan and Orichetti with Pesto

It’s been many months since I’ve been excited about anything that’s been broadcast on This afternoon there was a broadcast that was made just for me. I was at the movies this afternoon and when I got home and checked in on Twitter, I saw a message from noting a broadcast with Jamie Oliver at I immediately hit the link and the broadcast was long over, but the JTV archives were working just fine, so I sat back and watched.

It was a great show. He had great production values with a camera person, a boom mic that got caught in the shot every once in a while, a webmaster that monitored the chat room and kept Jamie and his guests up to date. The sound was perfect. It actually seemed to be in stereo.

The objective of the show was to communicate a movement he’s begun called Pass it On. Like the movie, the idea is to teach friends and family to teach friends and family how to teach good, and healthy meals in an effort to change the way people eat. Jamie stated that the UK is the 3rd most unhealthy country in the world. Well, we all know the US claims the #1 spot (at least that’s what I’ve read) but I don’t know who takes #2. If any of you know, can you please leave a comment? I am running out of time because we’ve got a lot of cooking to do tonight and I have got to get into the kitchen to get the prep started so I can’t take the time to do the research.

I made the marinara sauce and the pesto an hour prior to launching the broadcast

Anyway, he had a couple of 20 year old guys in the kitchen and was teaching them how to make a fish dish and a pasta dish. There were laughs and there was serious, casual cooking going on. There were viewers cooking along and that made for some humor as well. I noticed the recipes posted on his channel and the idea was that there were local viewers cooking along with them, virtually.

Another wholesome meal with 100% home made components

The funniest moment came when Tom, the guest who cooked the fish was plating up the dish. Clearly he has never put anything other than pizza on a plate, which he openly admitted. Jamie tried to teach him how to plate the food properly and it made for some good laughs.

It takes time. Imagine never having cooked a thing and being scooped up off the street as these two guys were, being thrown into Jamie’s studio and being made to cook an unfamiliar dish on camera?

Since I was watching after the fact, I did not have the chat rolling in front of me. I’ll check and see if I can catch it under Options when I get some time later, but it appears that there was some of the usual “ugly” being thrown around in chat and Jamie and his team were asking viewers to “keep it above board.” Probably ignoring it, as they seemed to be doing most of the time, was the most helpful thing they could have done to keep it at bay.

They cooked in a bain marie (water bath) but a couple still cracked. It's just cosmetic and the one in the middle was the filling without a crust, so it reacted differently.

Jamie seemed to be surprised and delighted that there were viewers from around the world watching. I suppose he doesn’t exactly sit around watching JTV and hasn’t been exposed to the kind of viewers and the places they come from on JTV.

A couple of Justopia viewers were in residence from blog and Twitter comments I received and they sent messages to me via Twitter and the JTV messaging system to let me know that Jamie Oliver was broadcasting and one sent me a note to tell me she sent mail to Jamie to let him know about and Les Moonves told me he did the same. I am beginning to wonder if they are one and the same. 🙂 But no matter, it was very nice of everyone to keep me in the loop and for their support and I’m looking forward to the next broadcast.


4 Responses

  1. I took part in the cook-along and had one of the researchers from the show filming me – Watch out for Mark & Worzle when the show is broadcast! We had a great time cooking along though we messed up with the fish the sausage pasta was great!

  2. Anovendox,

    Thanks for stopping by. I managed to watch the show from the archives a couple of hours after the show aired on before the archives were pullsed. I remember the producer telling Jamie that you guys had a little mishap with the fish. I think maybe you forgot to put in the panko or breadcrumbs or something? I don’t remember for sure, but it made for some smiles and a chuckle. Jamie tried to help you guys recover, but I don’t know if he was successful? That pasta looked awesome though!

    I hope he broadcasts here again soon.

  3. mmm this looks so good!

  4. Sara,

    It was so good! 🙂

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