I’m a Winner! and Go Ahead and Drool, it’s OK :)

I’m a Winner!

I received mail a few hours ago from Betsy at Whole Foods. She wanted to let me know that I was one of the first 100 bloggers to submit their entry to the Whole Foods Budget Recipe Challenge and that as a result I would be receiving a gift certificate! According to the contest guidelines it will be a $25 certificate which is very cool and takes care of the cost of the ingredients for my entry.

Raspberry Coulis Topped Chocolate Cheesecake

I waited until just a few days before the deadline to submit my entry. I wanted to test it to ensure I’d produce recipes for dishes that would appeal to people, be easy to produce and would meet the challenge requirements. Once I’d made all three dishes once, I headed to Whole Foods to pick up all of the ingredients I’d need and to spend the day producing, photographing, eating, writing, and getting the form completed so that I could click the submit button and send my entry on its way.

Topped with Raspberry Syrup

Topped with Raspberry Syrup

I never expected that I’d be in the first 100 bloggers to submit, so the mail was a pleasant surprise. With all the incredible food bloggers out there I was sure there would be thousands of entries. Check out my blog roll for a list for other incredible food blogs.

Perhaps the word has not gotten around. I learned about the contest via Twitter and a direct message to me from Stadol. I am not sure I would have ever known about it had I not received the Tweet. Time will tell. They are planning to announce the finalists at the end of the month, and the mail said that they would probably let finalists know they’d made the cut by mid September — just a couple of weeks away.

In the meantime, I made a DEElicious dinner tonight, but I am not thrilled with the photos. I didn’t set up the lamp very well so it was pretty much in shadow. That’s why you are looking at shots of food I prepared last year.

I am looking at making that chocolate cheesecake I talked about earlier in the week tomorrow night. I’m heading out to lunch and a movie with a friend on my day off, so it will be a dessert broadcast. Yum!


3 Responses

    How wonderful that you are made the entry in for the first 100 people. I am sure once they reveiw all the entries they are gonna see our Digital Chef is truely the star of the contest….

  2. Thanks Dezining! It will be interesting to see how this shapes up. In any event, maybe people who have never stepped into Whole Foods might try it now, especially since they are into Twitter now.

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