JTV and Justopia Milestones with Pie Pictures


I am prompted to write about JTV and the announcement of all time high viewer counts — again. I worked late tonight, so there was no cooking and no food photos. Instead, let’s chat about the 101,000 simultaneous viewers on JTV. This is the blog post that communicated the milestone. What I found most interesting were some of the comments. There are complaints of a sluggish network and comments about how the removal of the Channel Bar is the sole reason for the spike in viewership.

Oh come on. Take a real look. The number of people in channels continues to be low in most categories with the big exception being the Sports category. It’s been that way since people started rebroadcasting professional sports and thousands flock to watch. How many times have you seen people asking for the code for sports channels that don’t even exist in the directory because they are password protected channels which keeps them from view of the general timeline? These are rhetorical questions, no answers needed really, but questions I’ve been asking for more months than I can remember.

I’ve stopped watching JTV because there is nothing I care to watch. I am not into video games. I don’t see me having a sudden personality change and wanting to watch futbol or basketball or any other team sport, either on my television or on a little video player on JTV. I’m not going to watch a concert or a religious event and watching a fish tank or a television show is not going to grab my attention.

I don’t fully understand the comment about how the site is now driving viewers because they are using the Directory? How would that drive viewers? I do my thing in Justopia.com and once or twice during my broadcast I will launch JTV and look to see what the numbers are in my channel, but since so many people are logging into Justopia.com with Justopia login info and not with JTV credentials, the numbers are not accurate. Nevertheless, the viewer counts for my broadcasts are small unless I am featured in JTV and that just doesn’t happen anymore.

But no matter. We go on our merry way…cooking, having fun viewer contests and visitors and helping me to have the enthusiasm to enter contests like the Whole Foods contest I am submitting recipes for next week.

Coming home and preparing a meal on camera is part of who I am now. We are building up to the One Year Anniversary of broadcasting and I plan to cook up a great celebration meal. I am not sure if I am going to have to work that night, but if so, we will celebrate the night before.

In the meantime, I went to Whole Foods before work today to purchase all the ingredients for the contest recipes. I took care to note the price per ounce for all items that had the info available and it looks like Whole Foods is taking great care to help consumers manage their food dollars while feeding their families great meals. I am excited about what I’ve put together for my entries and while I know there are thousands of great food bloggers out there, I am going to do my best to be a winner! The worst thing that can come out of this is you get to see three great recipes being perfected and you get the recipes.

We’ll be in the Justopian kitchen cooking another great meal tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so that you know when I am live.  You can also do this by making my channel a Favorite on JTV.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


4 Responses

  1. I just printed out the macaroon recipe. Regarding the coconut. Do I buy UNSWEETENED? I must make these! They were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s the chocolate that once it dries it hardens? Is that ganache?

  2. yeah I that feeling I am more on USTREAM.TV than I am on JTV. I just find that JTV has alot of 14 to 17 year old and teenie boppers and nothing with real serious content you know. I too have just quit watching streams on JTV even my friends steams on JTV I havent watched them in awhile either I am just turned off I guess

    ~ Christopher ~


  3. Jane,

    I used sweetened coconut with a little unsweetened that I had in a Ziplock and had to use up. The chocolate was ganache and that is why it was not hard. It tasted DEElicious, but you might want to find one that will firm up a bit more.

  4. Yes Christopher. JTV has changed to be sure.

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