More Television and a Different Kind of Muse

What’s Next You Ask and Where’s the Food?!

Just when it seemed as though no spectacle could top the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, in less than 24 hours we have the Democratic Convention to draw our attention. No matter whom you favor for president, the conventions are likely to provide you with something riveting to watch each night. I don’t remember a convention being right smack on the heels of the Olympics in the past, but I’m happy the timing has turned out this way because I need something fun to watch in the wake of the Olympics.

Going Somewhere?

I found a cool new site today called Travel Muse and the fact that BlogWorldExpo is a little less than a month away and we’ve registered, booked airline reservations and business cards and postcards and other PR type goodies, hotel reservations are next. I haven’t taken a good look around yet, but I am hoping there is something good in terms of Vegas hotel deals.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, Israeli Couscous and Cauliflower

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, Israeli Couscous and Cauliflower

Alright, on to food! You may have noticed a new badge on the site. It’s a Blogger’s Choice Awards Nomination badge. I don’t know what the timeframe is for voting, but just being nominated is cool. Thanks Krystyl! Anyway, after the JTV Broadcaster Highlight Awards win, we all know how I am about competition, but there are scores of food bloggers out there and some who have been doing this for years. I started as a … hmmm … what kind of blogger was I in the beginning? Is there such a category as Start-Up Critic? And then it turned into compulsively obsessed and driven to publish a blog post daily nut-job. After months of broadcasting Justopia Cooks I became a food blogger who doesn’t consistently post recipes while writing a little something about JTV each night. And eventually JTV has taken a major back seat to food and food photos.

Last night I wrote about the Todd concert and while it was not a review in the formal sense, I have had a major spike in hits compared to what we have seen in the past few weeks and most of it tracks back to a couple of Todd Fan sites.

Choosing categories to publish the post in each night is a bit of a conundrum — am I writing about Technology? Is it Entertainment? Food? How-To? Just what is this blog all about? Without the rants, it’s not technology. But talking about the Justopia Cooks broadcast would put it in Entertainment. Posting food photos each night puts it back in food, but should it be the Photography category even if the photos are mediocre at best?

I am not sure, but looking at these photos of last night’s DEElicious dinner, I am leaning right back to calling this a Food Blog! 🙂 In any event, now that a nomination has been put in place (how ironic if you’d like, I’d just love your vote! Scroll up and look to the left. The badge is there and you’ll be taken out to the site to place your vote. Unfortunately, it does require that you register first — I have no idea why — so I know that will put off a big number of voters, but it’s worth asking.

Ok, it’s time to get back into the kitchen for tonight’s DEElicious dessert. I’ll post those photos tomorrow night.

I am working late tomorrow, but please don’t forget that Wednesday is the Gordopia visit! There will be 3 of us in the kitchen trying to stay out of each other’s way as we put together another great meal — including dessert at 9pm Eastern. Be there!


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  1. I read all about the Olympics/Tennis/Convention schedules in the newspaper yesterday. First of all Michael Phelps and his mother were in on the NBC meetings because the planners were worried that Michael couldn’t swim as fast in the mornings. When he gave the “OK” then NBC went to the Chinese to ask them to put the swimming and gymnastics on USA’s prime time tv schedule. So then they were going to make the Olympics in September but back in Sydney 2000 Olympics NBC didn’t get enough viewers with NFL and College football. Then NBC had to take into consideration the US Open tennis tournement so they pushed the Olympics to start earlier. So then the Chinese came up with the 08/08/08 date for the good luck factor and that’s how those dates came to be for the Olympics this summer! That’s my dissertation!

  2. Jane, good info. Ithought the 8/8/08 date was chosen when they go the bid? I was there the week after and could have sworn I heard talk of it because of the good luck factor with the number 8 in China, but maybe I am just dreaming it.

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