The Whole Foods Contest, a Tesla Coil and a Surprise Contest!

In Food

Another DEElicious Dinner with Justopia! Piping hot chicken and pasta

I just sent out a Tweet that I’ve created the recipe for the Whole Foods Market, Food Blogger Budget Recipe Challenge! I will work on refining it this weekend so that I can submit it before the deadline. I re-read the contest rules again and it looks like they are contacting food bloggers to request them to submit recipes, but that the food blogging community is encouraged to talk it up and get others to submit as well.

That said, I’m in and I’m looking forward to this. I am sure there are going to be scores of submissions and wonderful recipes and incredible blog postings and photos to go along with it all, but I’m going to give it my best! I think the most difficult part will be making the dish for $4/serving. It certainly won’t be easy.

I don’t want to give away any secrets, so I might have to make this outside of so as not to jeopardize my entry. 🙂

Not So Busy Day

I finally had the day off and although there was probably a lot I should have been doing, I met a friend for lunch and we ate, talked, walked, looked at new phones and just generally hung out. It was relaxing and I needed a day of not thinking. I have more work to do on that freelance project I started last week and don’t want to disappoint, so I am not going to do much more here other than post a shot of dinner and talk about Tenten’s video.

If you were watching the broadcast tonight you would have seen a video that Tenten posted in the room while the DEElicious dinner we prepared was being consumed. It was a short video of the Tesla Coil he made. I made the mistake of not copying the link to the video so that I could share it with you tonight, but I will ask him tomorrow so that you can see this, as he puts it, useless, but really cool science “experiment” he made. It’s loud and it looks like something from Back to the Future.

The crazy thing is that he did this on his own time for his own enjoyment. It’s been a dream since he was 9 or 10 years old. He just had to wait until he was in a position to be able to get it done. Congrats to Tenten for achieving his goal.


Anyone else out there have something they want to share with the group? It could be anything — well, anything within reason and within the boundaries of acceptable Justopian behavior, of course! 🙂

This will be a surprise contest. Let me know in the comments of this blog what you have always wanted to do and when and how you made it happen. We’ll read some of them on the show on Monday and I’ll draw the name of a winner.


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