Customer Service in the Age of Microblogging (Customer) Service With a :)


Slow Cooked Short Ribs, Roasted Potatoes and Squash, Tomatoes and Broccoli

As long time readers and viewers of the Justopia Cooks broadcast know, my background is Customer Service. Whether it be in sales or my 12 year tenure with AOL, I’ve spent my career serving customers. Don’t we all in some form or another? Sometimes it’s internal customers, other times it’s external, but in the end we are all working to deliver service to someone.

Looking back, it’s clear — Customer Service has been my hallmark, but it wasn’t until my career with AOL that I would have considered myself a Customer Service professional; someone that can speak with authority on a variety of subjects related to Call Center Management. So when I began to see the Tweets on Twitter from ComcastCares, it piqued my interest.

And you know, it’s pretty compelling. One guy (presumably) logs on each day and responds to questions or addresses concerns that Comcast customers have.

Potatoes with Williams-Sonoma Grilling/Roasting Salt and Seasonings

And then there’s Dell. Check out all of the Twitter accounts they share with like-minded Twitter’ers. So many companies are now keeping in touch with their customers or potential future customers that it’s hard to predict what will happen with microblogging and customer service in the future. Look at Zappos giving us the play-by-play of their trip to Beijing.

According to Thomas Friedman, author and New York Times columnist, the world is Flat and if this new surge in reaching out to customers via Twitter is anything, it’s proof that while people may be thousands of miles apart physically, we are all living on the same block, and in the virtual world, we can all get along and bridge the cultural and economic gap that spans before us.

I wonder — how will people monetize the use of Twitter in their businesses? As I did with, I envision a world where people across oceans can interact and take us to places we’ve only dreamed of experiencing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual travel agent that was just a tweet away? Or a real estate agent in a state across the country that could send us photos of a property he/she is sure we will love? And I know that many companies have online chat and messaging features to help customers, but Twitter is more compact, less resource dependent. It’s like a scaled down Customer Support offering and if done right, one that I believe can work.

Hmmm… how about a Tweet with a new recipe each weeknight with a video or photo gallery of how the meal/dish should look? The wheels are spinning … again.


2 Responses

  1. Mmmm…my mouth is watering. That looks most delicious!

  2. It sure was, Kirstie! Mmmm mmm DEElicious!

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