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Matzoh Brei

I woke up hungry this morning. Not a usual occurrence. I think it’s probably because I went to bed thinking about making matzoh brei. I have had a box in the pantry since Passover and thought that if I didn’t use it, it would need to go in the garbage soon.
I had attempted to tune into JTV, but it was down, and down hard this morning so that left me with time to make breakfast and to get some work done. Yaay!
Matzoh Brei Ingredients

Matzoh Brei Ingredients

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t stale at all. Now that I’ve opened the box however, it will need to be used up. I used two pieces for breakfast and while it’s DEElicious, I don’t feel like having it again so soon, so I think I will make the incredibly sweet matzoh crackers I made for Passover this year and bring them to work.

The recipe for matzoh brei is simple, and yes, it’s basically a cracker, much like a Carr’s Table Water cracker. It is unleavened bread. I like the salted kind, but it’s rare that I can find it in the grocery store anymore. Also like egg matzoh, but it’s a bit more crumbly and if you want to spread butter or chicken fat on it can be frustrating as it breaks under the knife or spreader.

Anyway, I use my mom’s recipe. All I do is put the sheets of matzoh in a bowl and crush it lightly with my fingers. I then pour milk over to cover. I don’t let it sit long, just long enough to begin to soften up the matzoh.

Then I drain the milk and pour in an egg — lightly beaten or not.

Mix it up to cover all pieces.

Pour it into a pan with hot butter and oil. I use about 2 tablespoons of butter and a tablespoon of oil.

Cook on medium heat until cooked through.

I like some of the pieces to become a bit crunchy while others remain soft.

I usually serve it with jam and a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.

It’s really kind of like French toast made with matzoh. DEElicious!


4 Responses

  1. My mouth is WATERING after reading this post!

  2. wow looks good.. Ive really never tried Jewish food before…

    I am guessing also, that cracker is a KOSHER cracker thats acceptable in the Kosher Community?

    ~ Christopher ~

  3. Yes Christopher. It’s called Matzoh and this box was a Kosher box. It’s so DEElicious!

  4. Yeah, looking at the photos makes my mouth water too! But I’m not hungry after tonight’s DEElicious dinner! 🙂

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