“Frandarin Duck”? “Franchurian Duck”? “Frantastic Duck”? and GREAT Story Telling

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Have you ever had duck? Have you ever made duck? I used to love duck, specifically Duck with Bing Cherry Sauce. My mom is not a big fan of fowl, but my dad likes duck too so once in a while she would spend a day in the kitchen whipping up a duck for us. It was a real treat.

Boneless Duck Breast

Boneless Duck Breast

A few days ago I decided to continue on the Bejing 2008 Summer Olympics cooking path and make Peking Duck. What was I thinking?! First of all, it wasn’t likely I was going to find a duck with the head on it out here in the ‘burbs. Secondly, I didn’t have anything to pump air under the skin with. I don’t even have a bicycle, so I have no air pump and I wasn’t going to take it down the road to the gas station.

So I got out my cookbooks and looked at various duck recipes and put something together for myself with a few ingredients and my great All Clad Copper Core Wok that I got on sale at Williams-Sonoma. I am so happy with that purchase! It’s an awesome wok, even if it’s not carbon steel.

I marinated the duck in sugar and vinegar with anise seed and green onions and then steamed it for an hour and then fried it up before letting it cook in a reduced liquid of sesame oil, sake, sugar, pequeño peppers and garlic.

I should have pulled the duck just a minute earlier so that there was a bit more sauce. At the end, after I turned off the flame, I added chopped fresh mango to add a bit of tropical fruitiness.

On the side were sweet and spicy cucumbers. I made a reduction of sugar and white vinegar which I added to cucumber that I marinated in salt and sugar for 30 minutes. I added chopped hot finger peppers and voila! A healthy and DEElicious vegetable.

I watched no JTV today. I hear there are tens of thousands of people watching the Olympics there though. Soccer, etc. It doesn’t surprise me. If people are willing to watch pro sports on a miniscule video player with mediocre quality, why wouldn’t they flock to watch the Olympics on Justin.tv?

Rather than turn on the TV after I finished up in the kitchen, I decided to watch the TED Talk that Tenten recommended. It is a beautiful story, as are all the TED Talks I’ve taken the time to watch.

I watched this talk a few months ago and the story never ceases to give me goose bumps! Watch as a scientist recounts the story of watching herself experience a stroke. It’s an incredible story told by an incredibly story teller. All of the TED Talks I’ve watched have been learning experiences and so uplifting. They take time, so get a cup of water or coffee and pull up a chair and settle in and be prepared to be amazed!


2 Responses

  1. Mmm…
    The duck looks so yummy. :]

  2. And it was DEElicious JonasJunkie! 🙂

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