Ramblings, the Phelps Phrenzy and a Business Idea!

No End in Sight

I am trying to remember a time when the world Blog wasn’t in my lexicon, when I didn’t have countless pages of words to read, written by strangers and ideas and thoughts swimming around in my head that clamor for the exit so that they can make it down to my fingertips, on to the keyboard and pages of the blog. I’m not much of a “commenter” on the blogs that I read. Just as I wrangle and worry and fret over the words I string together in this blog, I do the same when I am composing a comment. Just as I always did when I worked in the halls of Corporate America, writing, reviewing, editing, rewriting, reviewing, editing, writing… you get the picture. I wanted to be sure each thought was coherent, that the sentences were constructed properly and that what I had to say had merit and was worth the time the recipient was going to take to read the piece.

So instead, when I see something that interests me, it usually sparks something in my creative right brain and gives me something to think about. Something to dwell on. Something to conjure up ideas and word images. And yes, I realize that I just wrote two incomplete sentences. It seems to become more and more difficult for me to put together grammatically correct sentences as I continue to work 40-plus hours a week, cook on camera 5 nights a week and to fulfill my commitment to me to publish a blog post every day. Oh, and did I mention that I’ve taken on a freelance writing project that I’m still convincing myself I am qualified for?

Anyway, the real reason I am here is to tell you that in my morning procrastination while waiting for the phone call from the person that has offered me this freelance gig, I waded into the blogosphere and realized as I do most mornings, that I needed to pluck myself out or it would soon be 12:50pm and time for me to be locking the door and heading out to the store for another workday.

Time to reel my thoughts in. As I was saying, I was deep into blog reading utopia when I stumbled across a blog with links to photos of Buenos Aires and suddenly my mind was in Argentina and I was thinking about how great it was living there and how few complaints I had about living there as compared to other places I’d lived. I’ve been thinking over the past few months that I’d made a terrible mistake by not taking the plunge and purchasing an apartment in BsAs. The prices were incredibly low, I loved the city and in the long term, it would have been a not so far offshore place to set up for vacationing and possibly retiring. But hindsight is 20/20 and I don’t have the ability to turn back the clock, so all I can do is look back, fondly at photos.

It’s been a busy week and a hot one at that and I’m caught up in the Phelps Phrenzy. The weather is beautiful, unseasonably dry and cool for August in the DC metro area, but we still have no air conditioning in the store and it’s not comfortable most of the day. It makes us move more slowly and I am not my happy self all of the time. It has also seemed to zap creativity from me. I am hoping that with tomorrow night’s broadcast and photos of another DEElicious meal I will regain some ground I’ve lost this week.

We’ll talk about the Phelps Phrenzy and how exciting this year’s Olympics have shaped up to be during the broadcast tomorrow night. Oh and … I met a nice woman at the store today. She was telling me how she’s recently gotten into cooking and into the Food Network. She also told me that her husband is the architect for the restaurant that he opened in May in DC — Good Stuff Eatery. We talked about Justopia.com and we’ll see, but she may just tune in or may check out the blog. I meet some very interesting and friendly people at work. She came in looking for good olive oil and vinegar and whenever that happens I can’t help but run over and give the run down about good balsamico and EVOO. I am beginning to think I should have a shop in which I sell the best oils and vinegars and a few things to go with them. It could be really awesome!

Any investors out there interestd????


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  1. Did you know that Emily’s first swim team was at the JCC and that is where she met Cullen Jones! Emily swam with him for 3 years – he was a winner then, with such nice parents! His dad passed away the last year we were all on the team. Gary and I watched the Fress Style Relay the other night when he competed and had a tear in our eye when he collected his GOLD MEDAL. Also we watched Cullen’s interview on the TODAY SHOW. It was really something!

  2. Jane,

    Now that you say that I remember.

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