Quiet Night

Ravioli Night

Rather than sit here with the computer perched on my lap writing about JTV and the antics that go on with the lifecasting network, I thought I’d take a break and watch the Olympics. But before that, have you seen this article featuring our very own Justin Kan? And OMG! I love the word Kerfluffle! You’ll probably want to check out the article for it to make sense.

Watching TV now is like waking up from a 1.5 year nap or like coming back to the US after an overseas assignment. I am seeing commercials I’ve never seen and enjoying the quality of the broadcasts themselves in comparison to what we view on the small video player on JTV.

While I realize many of the commercials being broadcast during the Olympics is new to everyone, but there are commercials that I am sure have been running while I’ve taken this long television hiatus and it’s fun to be seeing them.

Tonight we put together a light meal. While last night’s Opening Ceremony extravaganza was DEElicious, I was not in the mood for anything Asian so I went the Italian route — with leftover wonton wrappers! 🙂 They are not the same texture and don’t have quite the same depth of flavor, but the meal was simple and wonderful.

Ok, time to watch Michael Phelps accept his first gold medal of the 2008 Summer Olympics! 🙂

OMG! It was a strange rendition of the National Anthem and it was cut short to boot. I’d imagine we’ll read a lot about it in the papers tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what the headlines and Op Ed pages have to say.

Ravioli with Steamed Green Beans

Ravioli with Steamed Green Beans


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