This Story Needs an End

More Hot Pepper Jelly

I was busy canning another batch of red pepper jelly tonight for a loyal viewer that made the request last week. I didn’t want to put it off, so as soon as I returned from my afternoon out, I headed to the kitchen with my bag of Whole Foods goodies for tonight’s dinner and began prepping the jalapeños and bell peppers and got the jelly going. We’ll have photos tomorrow.

Chicken, Baked Potato and Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan and “Truffle & Salt”

Tonight’s meal was DEElicious! It was simple one, but full of flavor and not too heavy. The chicken was cooked to a juicy tenderness and the skin was so crispy! That grill has been so worthwhile. I swear I feel like I am eating food cooked on a charcoal or gas grill.

After dinner I read the only entry that I received for the next installment of the Tenten mystery. Peekers wrote this installment and it’s another great chapter that kept us wanting more. I am looking forward to the next installment and if I can carve out a little bit of time, I might just have to type away at the ending I just came up with.

Tomato and Bread Salad

Tomato and Bread Salad

So, while JTV is broken and down for the count tonight and the dishwasher is taking care of the dishes, why don’t you relax, pull up a chair and read the next installment of the Tenten mystery while I go leaf through recipes to come up with a fabulous 8.8.8 menu for tomorrow night’s Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

The Tenten Mystery

Then all of a sudden…. something on the coffee table in the living room caught his eye.

There was some mail on the coffee table under an ashtray and empty bowl that contained un-popped popcorn kernels. He knew there must be a clue in the pile of mail that would give him a hint as to the whereabouts of his neighbor. When he moved the bowl the leftover rancid butter, that coated the inside of the bowl and most of the outer part, coated his fingers. He was about to grab a piece of the obvious garbage mail, you know the kind of stuff that the address is to Occupant, current Resident or from the dreaded coupon clipper magazine that uses Valued Reader, and wipe his fingers on them when he saw a dish towel laying on the glass top kitchen table.

He picked up the towel but as he grabbed it each of his fingertips hit the table leaving a perfect greasy imprint of each of his digits whorls, loops and arches. After he wiped his fingers off on the towel he headed back to the coffee table to rummage through the mail, when he heard a muffled voice coming from the room down the hall. It was a woman’s voice. He thought huh oh the neighbor is home and here I am roaming through her home. He called out the neighbor’s name. There was no reply. He then called out ‘Hello? Is anyone there?” There was no response. He heard the muffled voice again.

Tenten finally warily walked down the hall towards the voice. He turned the door knob to the door of the first room he came to. He opened the door and glanced in to see that it was a bathroom. The second door was slightly ajar so he pushed it open and it looked like a guest bedroom. He finally made down to the end of the hallway where there were two more doors. He stopped and listened to each door. There was no sound at either. He decided to open the one on his right. As he began turning the knob to the door he heard the voice again. It was coming from the other room. He turned quickly grabbed the door knob, turned it and threw open the door. The door crashed against the wall and the knob left a hole in the wall where it hit.

Tenten looked into the room to see that it was the home office. He saw a computer. The monitor and speakers were situated on the desk. He looked into the monitor to see none other than Justopia. There she was cooking one of her fabulous DEElicious meals. He noticed an on/off timer next to the monitor and it was set for the time same time Justopia would be on. The timer automati cally turned on the computer each day during the Justopia cooking show.

Tenten thought hmmm he never knew his neighbor even owned a computer let alone, out of all the websites on the ‘internets’ that she would enjoy the same cooking show he has so many months. He noticed that the chat was scrolling by at the happy pace it always does with Justopia answering and commenting to the viewers in the chat. He noticed that there was a name logged into the site. The neighbor must have it set that when she enters Justopia’s kitchen that her user name is automatically logged in and displayed.

He reaches for the mouse to move the chat screen down low enough to see the screen name. He left clicks and grabs the chat screen and rev eals that his neighbor is none other than………………J


6 Responses

  1. “Truffle & Salt” sounds interesting. What is it?

  2. Boy your grill really works great! That chicken looks yummy.

  3. Fabian,

    There is a post with a shot of Truffle & Salt here:

    It’s basically salt with little chips of black truffle in it. It’s really strong and DEElicious! A very little goes a long way. And you know where I got it. 😉

  4. Yeah, doesn’t it do a god job? Who would have thought an electric grill could be so good?

  5. How about something ” really” authentic such Sezchuan Dog! Yes! I said it! I heard the authorities were making the locals take cats & dogs off the menu so as to not offend the “visitors.” There is no doubt that opening ceremony was quite a spectacle! Amazing doesn’t begin to cover it! It was a Circ Du Soleil on steroids & Xctasy! If the sleeping giant has indeed awakened and this is to be the “Chinese” century, we have only Walmart to thank & other greedy corps that have sold out the American workforce & shipped our jobs overeas!
    I only hope the Chinese are kept too busy gunning for Japan 1st & raping and pillaging the African continent for its resources 2nd which might give us enough time to wake up & meet the “red” threat head on. Funny and rather ironic, how our “Capitalistic” system of conspicuous consumption and insatiable greed for more things cheaper & cheaper has enabled this Communist country to become the superpower it has become! I wonder when it’s OUR turn to make the Chinese cheap goods at 10 yuan an hour will anybody living even know how to make anything? When its our 12 year olds working in deplorable conditions to make dolls they’ll never afford to own, will anyone care? Last night, while fantastic & astonishing was frankly a little scary, sort of like another little Olypmic spectacle back in ’38, that was to usher in 1,000 reign! Yes! It was their time to shine but the glare was a little blinding! We get it! You, Chinese are superior, your people are your strength, we get it! While you were inventing paper printing & eating with chopsticks, our European ancestors were illiterate savages eating with their fingers! While that other reich, thankfully was doomed to fail, they will not! I only hope these new masters will be kind to us & we are not forced to eat our own pets! Sorry 4 using Ur blog as a soapbox! Can’t wait for the DEElicious Peking Duck! And your sister is right! What a great grill! I use the Foreman and my chicken never looks that delectable! On a final note, I think you need to get yourself the Rosetta Stone Chinese edition & get yourself backover to China! You are so bright you outta be a multimillionare expat running your own consulting firm!

    With Warm Regards!
    Sincerely, a longtime but now only lurking FOF! (Fan of Fran)

  6. Hey my FOF,

    I didn’t know you were “still around.” Good to “hear” from you. Go ahead and use the blog as a soapbox. Without other and/or opposing views, a blog is nothing more than a boring personal diary.

    It’s funny you mention The Rosetta Stone. I purchased the Mandarin version when I was getting ready to move there and when I was pulled out I put it aside. Maybe what I should have been doing in the almost two years since the layoff is to have been enrolled in a Chinese language class. I am always behind. 😦

    I am looking forward to making the Peking Duck. I hope it comes out good. It will be a fun experience. If I can make it turn out DEElicious, I will be thrilled! What an accomplishment. It’s nearly impossible to get decent Peking Duck in the US, so it will be great to be able to make it for myself and for company.

    Thanks for continuing to read and — watch?

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