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The Back Story

This Week's Name that Exotic Food Prize

This Week's Name that Exotic Food Prize

The full gallery of this week’s mystery food for the Name that Exotic Food contest can be found at the Cheftopia blog site.

The other day, regular viewer and Justopia Cooks participant, Tenten was telling us about how he came home from work and noticed his neighbor’s front door open and how he called the police and that they checked things out and found nothing worrisome. But then the next day Tenten, or 1010 or DimeDime as some affectionately refer to him (we think Tenten is male) told us that the neighbors dogs were outside not being attended to.

Beef Ribs, Onion Strings and a Cucuzza, Tomato and Onion Salad

Beef Ribs, Onion Strings and a Cucuzza, Tomato and Onion Salad

That worried some of us and as we continued chatting about the situation, some thought the neighbor had been abducted or worse. The next day in my mailbox was a note from Peekers. Peekers has been a Justopia viewer since the beginning. The mail included a GREAT mystery based on the Tenten neighbor story and it had me laughing as I read through it.

Cucuzza is a member of the squash family

Cucuzza is a member of the squash family

The story is well written, and humorous and all it needs is an ending.

Who needs other channels on JTV when we are living a game of Clue live at Justopia.com?

So, this is what I proposed after dinner tonight. After the ribs and the onion strings and the mystery food, cucuzza, was cooked and consumed. I decided that rather than a Name that Exotic Food contest next Thursday, we would have a contest to see who can write the best ending to Peekers’ almost finished mystery.

You HAVE to peel a cucuzza, something I learned after a little experimentation

You HAVE to peel a cucuzza, something I learned after a little experimentation

This is how it’s going to work:

  1. Read the story — below
  2. Craft the next part or the ending or however you choose to write it
  3. Send your finished product to me at Justopia@justopia.com no later than midnight Tuesday
  4. I will read the Peekers story with the winning entry on Thursday’s broadcast
Below is the story. I am going to forego posting photos so that you are not distracted.
The 1010 Mystery

The afternoon was hot and humid and the sun was scorching the homes in the neighborhood as it has done so many days before this summer. No one in the neighborhood had their doors or windows open. They barely would answer the door fearing to let out the precious coolness the air conditioner was pumping through their homes.

In the late afternoon a tall, dark, chiseled, good looking, (cough cough) gentleman that lived in the neighborhood drove his luxury car home after working a long half day at his job where he was the owner/operator of the most famous and extremely profitable company in Oklahoma.

As he turned into his long driveway that lead to his 8 million dollar, 36 room mansion, that was gated (and had a moat) he noticed the neighbors house did not look the same as he had seen earlier in the morning when he went to work. Well not work but to the bank to transfer funds in an ‘un-numbered’ Swiss account (even the smartest and the richest can be had…lol).

As he drove by he said to himself out loud…”Self…the neighbors seem to have changed their front door décor and it just doesn’t fit the esthetics of the house or the neighborhood..hmmmm” and with that fleeting statement finished he continued singing the song by Rick Astley ‘Never Going to Give you Up’. He drove on to his home but on his way down the mile long drive to the 8 million dollar, 36 room mansion, (which he owned outright), his mind could not leave the faux pas his neighbors were making with the new front door look and how it would affect the property values.

After he parked his luxury car, went inside his mansion and had a couple of scotch on the rocks he let his thoughts get the best of him. He hopped into his Mercedes styled golf cart and drove back to the end of the drive and to the neighbor’s house. There he found the cops with weapons drawn and entering the domicile through the front door that had obviously been kicked in. There were shards of wood sticking out around the once semblance of a door jamb. They found nothing amiss, jewelry was still strewn about, computer equipment and TV still in its place the dust wasn’t even disturbed in the china cabinet that housed the family silver.

The cops told Tenten that everything was OK and that there was nothing to see here and to go home. The cops taped their business card on the door so that the resident would know that they were there and noticed the front door kicked in and that to call them first before calling 911.

The following day when Tenten came home he noticed not only the business card on the door but the invoice from the gardeners that took care of the yard that day too. One would think that they would notice a door kicked in when they placed the billing invoice on the door knob.

Tenten began to wonder what happened to the woman that lived there. She had not come home and his mind began to wander at the various scenarios his vivid imagination conjured up. He knew that her teen son was a druggie. So he imagined that the son owed the local drug dealer money and the drug dealer came by looking for the son. Kicking the door in the only person at home was the startled mother. The drug dealer kidnapped the mother hoping that she would spill the beans on her son’s whereabouts. The mother remained silent so the drug dealer would hold her hostage making her clean the toilets and his lavish crib while his minions searched the city for her son.

Then Tenten thought no she must be on vacation since her son had been arrested and was sitting in jail calling his Mom daily to come bail him out. It was her way of teaching him tough love while taking the money she would have used for bail and spending that money having fun in the sun and sipping MaiTais.

While in mid thought Tenten said out loud “I should go into the house to check it out myself” and with that got into his Mercedes styled Golf cart and drove to the neighbors.

Wanting to know more he entered the home leaving his prints on everything he touched.

Then all of a sudden…………………………………………. J


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