I’m So Excited

I just can’t hide it!

Pasta al Pesto, Ensalada Caprese and Canellini Beans with Pancetta and Bread Crumbs

Pasta al Pesto, Ensalada Caprese and Canellini Beans with Pancetta and Bread Crumbs

I’ve been so out of the world and everything that’s going on around me that I didn’t realize one of my all time favorite television shows was coming back for a 2nd season until I saw a brief flash about it on the AOL Welcome Screen yesterday morning.

Yes…I still use AOL. I don’t spend any time on it other than to check mail, but I’ve got it set up as the landing page for all of the browsers I use. Nevermind, it’s not important to this piece.

What is important is Mad Men. If you haven’t seen this show, I implore you to plunk yourself down on the couch at 10pm EDT on Sunday night and to tune into AMC. Right, AMC. It’s one of those cable shows that pulls you in, wraps it’s arms around you and doesn’t let you go until the last bit of 1960’s fashion and exclamations of “Swell,” are uttered each Sunday evening. My other all time favorite show, China Beach was of almost the same period, just a little later in the 60’s. I don’t know if it’s the clothing, the language, or the feeling that while things were not all wine and roses back then, it just feels as though times were simpler.

Nice green pesto

Nice green pesto

It reminds me of dinner parties my parents had and friends coming over and although I don’t have that much in terms of really detailed memories of the times, I do remember being able to help serve hors d’oeuvres to their guests and, when it came time, tasting the left overs in the kitchen. I have no idea what the adults were talking about, but felt special to get to be a part of the fun and I have vague recollections of the clothing being like what we see in Mad Men and I’ll bet the word “swell” was used a time or two as the smoke billowed up around their heads.

These beans would make a great accompaniment to eggs

These beans would make a great accompaniment to eggs

In any event, Mad Men seems to bring up the feel good memories of those times. So do yourself a favor, no matter how old or how young you are, watch Mad Men! It will be an entertaining hour and if you fall in love with it like I did, you have the opportunity to be a walk on in a Season 3 episode. The details are here — Mad Men Contest.

No, I’m not going to submit a video. If I am going to put together a video, it should be for The Next Food Network Star casting call! It looks like they are not calling for videos at this point, just personal info and the reason you feel you should be on the show. Hmmm…should be a no-brainer for me, right?!

What do you MEAN you haven’t heard of Justopia.com? Have you been living in a vacuum?


2 Responses

  1. I just watched the videos of Next Foodnetwork Star and they STOLE YOUR IDEA FOR 1 OF THE FINALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are making that Adam doing a cooking show ONLINE for his final segment on Sunday. COOKING ONLINE!!!!!!!!! DID THE FOOD NETWORK PEOPLE HAPPEN TO WATCH JUSTOPIA?????????????? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That idea is already out there (this I felt like screaming into my computer just before while watching). That big tall guy, Gordon Elliot, is their producers for their final challenge and he “came up” with the ONLINE cooking idea for Adam. You need to tryout for NFNS — naaah. The winner from last season, Amy, QUIT! Not for her! I read her blog – she’s a much better writer than TV personality.

    Looking forward to a Peter Luger din-din tonight!

  2. NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! But you need to go to my site and check out the Food Network Star widget I just embedded on the blog! How cool is that? I am sending my mail now for the “Why should you be considered” for the next season of FNS right now! They stole my and ChannelZ’s idea!!!!

    But … will they have chat and be able to interact with the viewers?! That is what “makes” my broadcast.

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