I Flipped and Went to Tokyo

The Postman Commeth

Yaay for the Flip! Thank you iJustine!!

No, pceasy and ECV had nothing to do with the arrival of my shiny new FlipVideo. While I know they’d like to take credit for getting iJustine to get to the post office to get the camera in the mail, the truth is that it was put in the mail a day before they posted their schtick on Utterz. Justine sent me a message just a little while ago telling me she was in the post office for an hour mailing out treats to people.

I was NOT expecting this! Bonus! 🙂

I guess it was just one of those things that took some time to accomplish. The important thing is that the camera arrived this afternoon and I made a thank you video to send to iJustine and then played with it for just a little while before launching the broadcast tonight.

Armchair Travel Again!

We made the most DEElicious meal. I had a hankerin’ for Pork Tonkatsu. It’s a Japanese pork cutlet, kind of like Japanese pork schnitzel. I made fried rice and pickled vegetables to accompany the meal and it was really great!

It turns out that Dorkdetector made paella last night after having watched me make it on Saturday and from what I’m told it was awesome! I’m glad I could be an inspiration. If you make something after seeing me put a dish together on the broadcast, please let me know with a comment.

So anyway, we had a great dinner and then I sat down to see if I could edit some video, but rather than wrangle with iMovie, I decided to wait for a One on One session at the Mac store tomorrow and instead, wandered over to Nekomimi_lisa’s channel. She was heading out to the government building to get her Gaijin card. Now, while the term Gaijin is deemed to be derogatory and very much not politically correct, it’s still used in reference to foreigners.

So, Lisa was out getting her Alien Registration Card. She can now get a bank account, a video rental card, apartment, etc. And if you have applied for a Resident Alien card and have permission to stay in the country for at least a year, you can take advantage of the National Health Insurance plan. Not bad!

So I was watching Lisa make the long walk to the train station and then to another train before getting to the government office. It only took her a few minutes once she arrived and she was all smiles and leaving with her card in hand. You have to have that card in your possession at all times.

The walk was long, but it was interesting to tag along. What wasn’t interesting were some of the dumb comments in the room. It’s been like that whenever I tune in to watch Neko’s Excellent Tokyo Adventures. I am hoping that this lifecast will open at least one person’s mind so that they can realize that there are many cultures, many languages, many ways of living and of doing things in this world and that one country, or one people are not the be all and end all and that it is to our advantage to learn about and embrace other cultures.

This is what Nekomimi_lisa is bringing to us with her excellent offshore adventures. While I’d like to be off traveling again (it’s been far too long!) I am looking forward to exploring Japan more as the months go by with Lisa.


8 Responses

  1. Congratulations! I’ll be looking on your tech blog for a review.

  2. LOL Fabian. Not sure about the Tech Blog, but I have a reservation for a 3pm iMovie workshop at the Apple store. I am going to try to get a 1:1 session as well so they can show me the basics of video editing. I know how to make a movie with iMovie, but I don’t have a clue about editing so it’s always just a slideshow. I need to learn how to do a lot of stuff and while one session won’t do the trick, I figure it’s a good start.

    Thanks for reading!!

  3. So this Flip Video thingie is a MAC product. Very cool! Was hungry all night after watching you cook and EAT your pork last night! YUM YUM in my TUM! Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up 2night!

  4. You will love your Flip, it works well with iMovie. A great combo for blogging. I’ve been using the combo for a couple of weeks now on my blog, very simple to do. Looking forward to seeing your video posts!

  5. Hi Lorelei!

    I think I need to get out and get some shots in DC to make it interesting. Maybe on my day off next week. Then I have got to learn how to edit. I have the most boring videos.

    Gonna check out your blog now to see what you’ve done.

  6. Jane,

    I didn’t realize it was a Mac product, although the packaging made it look that way. It can be used with a Windows machine too though. Mexican food tonight!

  7. The fruit is a Red Pitaya

  8. It’s not Mac only.. but it works great with Mac! Can’t wait to hear how your workshops go. …and man those treats look good!!

    Re: ECV and pcsnack, I blocked them months ago 🙂

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