An Apple a Week, and A Wonderful Surprise!


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

When I get a day off in the middle of the week, it ends up being a day for errands. That being said, I did not pay any attention to JTV and I didn’t give my dinner much thought either. I went to the Apple store to attend an iMovie workshop, but as I suspected, it was too elementary. I’ve put plenty of videos together, but I need help with editing and that was not covered in the 1 hour long session this afternoon. I joined the One to One program and will schedule my first session for next week. You are allowed one session per week each week for a year for $99! It’s individual training for an hour each week if you want!

The pulp has the consistency of Kiwi Fruit

The pulp has the consistency of Kiwi Fruit

The store was a mob scene today with a line of at least 20 people waiting outside the store for time with a sales person to make an iPhone purchase. The rest of the store was buzzing with scores of people waiting for their turn at The Genius Bar and others making purchases. It seemed to be busy with parents and their college-bound kids.

But to me the taste was bland, like Papaya

But to me the taste was bland, like Papaya

It’s good to see that at least one retailer has some lively action and is doing business during these times.


A beautiful bracelet made by Dezining4U!

A beautiful bracelet made by Dezining4U!

One of my stops today was to pick up mail from the P.O. box I use for the channel. In the box was a birthday gift from a regular, Dezining4U! He made me a wonderful bracelet! What a wonderful thing to have done! It’s amazing how these things happen on and, isn’t it?

Look at the beautiful detail

Look at the beautiful detail

I never check the box because there has only been one other time that something was there waiting for me so it was a good thing he told me he’d sent something or it would have sat there for months without being picked up! Yikes! The time and effort Dezining must have taken to create this beauty is amazing and I am so appreciative of the effort.

Anyway, isn’t it great?! It’s nice to have caring friends, even if they are virtual.


6 Responses

  1. Awwww dezining is so so sweet šŸ™‚

    Sounds like your apple training session was just 1 step closer to your movie editing career šŸ˜›

  2. OH MY! I have to laugh. I just had a histology and gross anatomy test last week on the reproductive system. I took one look at the first picture of that fruit and it reminded me of a cross section of the epididymis.

    The bracelet is pretty. šŸ™‚

  3. OMG Kirstie! It does look like the epididymis! LOL

  4. Hey Krystyl!

    Yes, wasn’t that the sweetest? He is a doll.

  5. so THIS is dragon fruit? interesting!

  6. Yes, Mandy. It’s a pretty one, isn’t it? Too bad it was totally tasteless!

    Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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