From Disturbia to Dark Knight, One Million Registered Users and a Little Justopia Clarification

Prologue — A brief rundown of the Living the Justopian Life statistics since day 2 of the JTV network as posted on Twitter this morning:

Justopia Justopia 395 posts, 440 days, 661,173 words and 2049 pages, later and JTV has hit 1,000,000 registered users! Now THAT’s something to blog about! šŸ™‚

Mazel Tov!

Mango, Garlic an Poblano Pepper in front of an image of the beach at the Mactan Island Shangri-La in Cebu, Philippines

According to the most recent blog post, Michael reports that JTV broke the 1,000,000 Registered Users mark on Saturday morning! What fun a statistician could have with the analysis of these 1mn users.

Browning the Chicken

Where are they from? What is the median age? What time of day are users registering? How many of the 90,690 channels are porn? How many of them are rebroadcasting copyrighted movies? How many are rebroadcasting copyrighted Television shows, sports and otherwise? What channels are they watching? How many of the 1mn Registered Users are also Broadcasters? Of those that broadcast, how many are broadcasting interesting content? Ok, well, that’s a tough one to tag with a valid statistical hypothesis, so let’s back away from the subjective, shall we? How many of those Registered Users come to JTV to watch professional sports, first run movies, porn? How many come to hang out with a broadcaster and chat? How many come in to watch planned content — a move to Tokyo, a trip to San Francisco, a Cooking Show? How many participate in JTV while at work? How many come to JTV while traveling? How many broadcasters stream while mobile?

The Mango splitter works wonders!

Oh, the questions are endless and the potential scenarios are too. I can see a book or a movie or a sitcom being made about all of this, but it would have to include and and Blog.TV and and all the others that are out there offering places for people to broadcast their lives live on the Internet 24/7.

Once split, score the mango and it’s easy to cut the pieces off

What If?

This one makes me chuckle. What if someone wrote a screen play about that ran in movie theaters across the country, nay, around the world and a multitude of channels broadcast it live on JTV and USTREAM and Stickam and … and dipped into movie ticket revenue? Would JTV take the channel down? Would they serve take down notices to their competitor networks? How would it make them feel? Would they understand when someone from one of the other networks said, “Well, we really don’t know what is copyright protected and what is not, however we will act immediately on any takedown notice that we receive.”


Chicken-Mango Curry, Garlic Naan and My New Favorite Vegetable … Soy Dipped Radishes

I do have a legitimate question this morning though. A year ago Justin and the guys had sponsor posters hanging from the walls of their Crystal Towers apartment. One of those posters was for the Movie, Disturbia. The JTV crew and the viewers seemed excited about this and I remember that when they headed to the movies to see Disturbia, Justin had to go sans hat cam. There would be no rebroadcasting of this feature film. I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think anyone was and no one was complaining that they were not going to get to see the movie — for free on a little video player on their computer.

As I passed over the broadcast of Dark Knight yesterday morning and tuned into a channel that was running an all time great flick, Torah! Torah! Torah! it made me think about the fact that Justin and his team would not infringe on their sponsor’s copyright by allowing it to be broadcast on their network. It was admirable, but freely allowing scores of channels to run movies that are not only produced by major studios, but are up on JTV at the same time they release in movie theaters across the US flies in the face of the message they were sending by not going to the movies with the stream running last year.

But I am not here today to be a Negative Nellie. Today is JTV’s day to shine, so hat’s off to you and now that you’ve hit this magic milestone have you sent out the press release so that you can get some good coverage? And can you turn your attention to some of the garbage, if not the sports rebroadcasts, that are being shown on channels across the network exposing kids and other unsuspecting viewers to the seamier side of life?


Yesterday morning before heading to work I listened to the conversation that pceasy and EastCoastVegas had about me which was released on Utterz.

I was going to clear up a few of the pieces of misinformation, or is it disinformation that I heard during the little audio clip, but frankly, it’s just not that important to know that I am not 57 years old. That ECV’s speculation about the value of my home is way off according to recent appraisals and sales and that the worth of my home does not correlate to the fact that the economy is in the crapper right now and the job market is there with it and that spending my own hard-earned money on a video camera has always seemed a waste to me for what it is I do. I am more interested in still photography and have had video cameras in my hands at the store countless times over the years, but have not thought I’d get much use out of them as an SLR so I’ve never plunked down the money, but winning one is a different story.

And no, I don’t use the word alas because I am lazy, I just like the way it falls off my fingertips when I’m writing.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions anyone may have from the ECV/pceasy conversation yesterday morning … if anyone listened.


5 Responses

  1. Right on Justy….

    I heard that convo they had about you and you know I mean if they are going to get online and BS about stuff at least get your statements right about what they are going to talk about ( I am talking about ECV) I mean anyone on tv and radio would at least double check their figures and get their infomation right before they went onair or online or whatever and blast someone with FALSE INFO… I mean isnt that considered Infrengement or something like that?

    And of course since I am being a smart arse I wouldnt doubt that this comment is going to show up in the broadcast that I commented back about this.

    By the way I havent been able to watch you for awhile because I lost my password to your website and I cant find a way to reset it. I think my name was Christopher_M or something like that. Ive been meaning to stop by and say hi. Are you still cooking everynight? I might have to stop by if I can figure out how to reset my password lol.

    Take Care,
    ~ Christopher ~

  2. Hey Christopher,

    Don’t fret. ECV and pceasy do a show of their own. It’s all just schtick, but while I am an old fart, I don’t want people to think I’m older than I am. šŸ™‚ And as far as the rest of it goes, well, I will be posting more tonight. šŸ˜‰

  3. I need an index of your meals. When I have a lady friend over and want to impress her with unique and tasty meal, I hope I remember this gem!

  4. Fabian, when I grab a recipe from another blog or an online source, I try to remember to embed the link so readers can get to it as well, but it looks like I missed it on this post. Do you need this recipe? Let me know and I’ll get it for you.

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