A DEElightful Summer Desert and A Prize Plea!

Ginger and Peach Cream Shortcakes

I could not resist. I had two ripe peaches and two ripe nectarines on the counter and thought I’d better use them before they went beyond ripe, which happens so often. I’d leafed through a Bon Apetit magazine and found this recipe and it was perfect for the fruit I had. I did not have the ginger ale it called for, but I did have some sparkling apple cider and made a quick substitution.

Wow! Was it a great summer treat! The shortcake, or biscuit, was filled with little bits and pieces of crystalized ginger and it was a bit crunchy on the outside, while moist and a bit warm on the inside. It was easy. There was no rolling involved, no fancy pastry work whatsoever. Just some mixing and whipping and voila! Ginger Peach Cream Shortcake!

Why iJustine?

I’ve held back, but I can not keep my disappointment and unhappiness with not receiving my FlipVideo any longer. I’ve written to iJustine, she’s written back and told me to hang tight. I’ve waited. I’ve hung so tight my fingers are throbbing!

All I want is what I’ve allegedly won, but I learned tonight that I am not the only one that’s been disappointed by not receiving a prize after an iJustine contest. What I find strange is that with this particular prize I don’t think she had to go out and purchase anything. I recall a number of months ago iJustine visited the FlipVideo offices and came out with gear — gratis.

It is beginning to fee like a scam, as though there was never any intention of sending out my prize. I have been so excited about it too. I’ve thought about purchasing one for myself, but why do that when one is coming to me?!

Do you know when I was notified by iJustine that I’d won the Flip? May 23. Yep, you read that correctly, just 2 days shy of two months ago! When I have prizes to send out, I do it within the same week, sometimes within 24 hours. There really is no excuse and I’d have been happy to not have won and just gone on my merry way. But notifying me that I’d won set up a whole set of expectations. I had visions of setting the camera up on a tripod and recording the broadcast and then uploading it to YouTube for people to watch in reruns. I know there are JTV archives, but with the Flip I could do some editing and make the production values a bit better than what we see in the highlights. And I really wanted it so that I could try my hand at recording a short video for the next FoodNetwork casting call for The Next FoodNetwork Star season! How cool would that be?

But alas, there is no FlipVideo for Justy. šŸ˜¦ iJustine, if you read this — PLEASE! Can you send me my prize?!

Oh, and by the way. Happy Birthday Justin! I got a peek at a photo of you at your birthday party and, well, let’s just say it’s the same Justin we became so fond of last year — not necessarily coherent. šŸ™‚


5 Responses

  1. iJustine prolly just doesn’t have the support staff to get this stuff out. You know most of her day is witting those incredible videos of hers.

  2. Hi My FuFu buddy!

    Where’ve ya been? I’m not sure Justine has many contests, but I guess it’s tough being a micro celeb and handling the housekeeping also. :/ Not the end of the world. In my past life I would have gone out and purchased one before she had a contest, but things are different now and I don’t run out and get everything I want anymore. It takes some getting used to, but when something is coming my way gratis, it is like Christmas in the summer so I was excited is all.

    Hope to “See” you in the kitchen soon!

  3. I just watched the rerun of this dessert and I see where I couldn’t join in the fun! Can’t wait until 9:00 tonight! What’s on the MENU??????????????

  4. Hi Jane!

    I’m glad you have the archives to watch when you miss a broadcast. We will be making pork tonkatsu and rice and I am not sure what kind of vegetable, but it will be DEElicious! MAYBE a desert, but that is up in the air.

    “See” you in the kitchen at 9!

  5. Did you get a new computer? Isn’t yours black?

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