Practice Paella and a Tweet2Win Twitter Contest

Paella a la Valenciana

I am teaching a Paella class at the store tomorrow and it’s been years, decades even since I’ve put a Paella together. Actually, I wasn’t the creator of the Paellas I’ve eaten in my home. When I was married my husband was the Paella king so I was the eater of Paella.

I got worried about building a Paella tomorrow so I decided I’d better get into the kitchen and put one together. I was taught to never experiment on dinner guests and that is a good lesson to adhere to, especially when cooking for work! So I thought it was best I practice.

It takes some prep and cooking time and makes enough to feed a village! I am going to take the leftovers to the store tomorrow because my coworkers probably won’t get the chance to taste the paella I make for class.

The link to the recipe above is from the site. It is the recipe I recreated on the broadcast tonight, but with a Justopian twist.

I added Squid


and Mexican Chorizo

I think the chorizo added the most depth of flavor to the dish and I think it needed it.

The paella pan is made from carbon steel, so it’s a little delicate until it’s well seasoned. If you don’t dry it completely it will rust.

It’s also quite large and is thin, so once it heats up it can get too hot very quickly. I used a heat diffuser to help the the process. And watch those handles! They get very hot.

The key is to not stir the pot once the rice if put in. It needs to get that crispy crust on the bottom which is typical of Paella.

I added artichoke hearts as well.

Most Paella recipes I’ve seen call for peas, but this one calls for green beans and I like that addition for both taste and texture.


I was out reading Krystyl’s blog today and saw her article about the Tweet2Win contest she just won. I signed up for the contest so let’s see what happens. I just hope that if I end up winning something I actually receive it unlike what’s happened with the FlipVideo I allegedly won from an iJustine contest. Talk about disappointing!

I’ve got some interesting exotic foods for the next few Name that Exotic Food contests on


2 Responses

  1. Sure sure, I get busy running around, and helping my friends out, and what happens, everything. lol. You struggle with some sauce, which must have been entertaining to the regulars, and Joe comes to visit ,and you tell the family what you’ve been up too. I hope all is well, and look forward to seeing you soon at )

  2. Hi Tiger!

    Yes, you did miss a big week! There are always archives. 😉

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