Mayonnaise SUCCESS and a JTV Visitor and the Outting of Justopia!


You see, I just couldn’t put it to rest. By now you know my compulsive side, right? Yep, I see you all nodding and rolling your eyes. Well, if you tuned into Justopia Cooks last night for the Mediterranean feast you had the unique privilege of watching me melt down as I tried in vain to whip up — literally — a batch of Garlic Aioli for Papas Bravas.

I tried. And I tried. And I tried some more. I was even offered help by MissouriMatt54 who has culinary training, yet to no avail. Other viewers were supporting me and trying to keep my spirits in check as I blew through about 8 eggs, countless cups of oil, teaspoon after teaspoon of lemon juice and vinegar and nothing. Just bowls of soupy sloshy yellow-ish, albeit tasty oil, vinegar and eggs that would not stand up to the fried potatoes that it was meant for.

Well, fret no longer citizens of Justopia and all that visit! As of 10:45 this morning WE HAVE MAYONNAISE!

First I want to remind you of yesterday’s Mayonnaise Mania and the greenish-yellow tint of expensive, incredibly olivy (made the word up) oil that wasn’t fit for the king’s food testers. Warning, it’s not a pleasant sight!!

DON’T say I didn’t warn you!!!!


And this morning, with the help of Alton Brown and a few omissions and additions to his recipe — ok, we call that adaptation in food blogger world — I finally achieved the DEElicious, creamy, smooth, thick to the right consistency mayonnaise.

And YES! I am going to add it to tonight’s menu. Joe has requested Carne Asada, and Carne Asada he shall get, but not before starting with some Tapas, the focus of which will be Papas Bravas! Hey now. It’s Spanish in origin and we are having food with Spanish names, so it’s going to be A-OK! Nothing to worry about.

The real question is — what the hell am I going to do with all this mayo for the rest of the week? Any and all suggestions, as long as they are food related people — are welcome. Send them to please.

And again, FOOD related only! This IS a PG rated show — for God’s sakes, 1/2 of my viewers now are Jonas Brother’s fans, so that puts the demographic in the pre – adolescent range along with the rest of you more “mature” Justopia followers, to whom I’m very grateful.

Now, get your friends, your family, your worst enemies to tune in and to read the blog — please! I’m trying to get some visibility here ya know!

Guest Appearance(s)

We’ve been doing this for how long now? Let’s take a look at the calendar. I’ve been writing away at the blog since May 2, 2007 which means I’ve been doing this for 14 and 1/2 months. I’ve been broadcasting since September 14, 2007 which means I’ve been at the live video thing for 10 months and 2 days. It’s all pretty hard to believe and what’s more difficult to believe is that I’ve kept this all a secret from my family, well, from my parents and my sister and her family. That is, until tonight! I am not quite sure what prompted me to make the big reveal tonight, but about 30 minutes before Joe rang the bell I was on the phone with my mom and something in my head told me tonight was the night.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was planning a special show tonight. Maybe it was because we were having a serious discussion about exactly what it is I want to do with my life. Or maybe it was just plain time to share.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

So, on to the guest appearance of JoeInIraq at World Headquarters. Tonight Joe showed up right on time. A little early actually, but punctuality is a thing with me, so it was perfect. He’d timed things so that he wouldn’t get stuck in traffic driving in from Baltimore and he ended up here just a few minutes early. I’d just gotten off the phone with my folks, so my immediate reaction was, “You’re here already?!” How rude of me — I just wasn’t thinking clearly.

Anyway, we chatted for a bit, set up our broadcasting gear and got into the kitchen to get dinner going. It was a wild night. I had family to bring up to speed, a guest host, Week 2 of the Name That Exotic Food Contest and a feast to prepare.

I think Joe enjoyed the meal, although he was a bit preoccupied with the Orioles game, but he did manage to finish up the carne which I was very happy about. I always have so darn much left over and tonight I was just left with what’s going to be a DEElicious lunch to bring to work tomorrow. It was also great fun to be able to share a meal with a fellow broadcaster.

You’ve watched me put these meals together each night, but can only take my word for how good it tastes. Tonight Joe gave the thumbs up and cleaned his plate. It seemed to be a success.

I would imagine the next guest appearance will be my sister, which will be a great thing because she’s a great cook. Maybe I’ll get up to my parent’s house and we will all broadcast a feast because mom is a wonderful cook as well. I am conjuring up visions of Thanksgiving at my Sister’s this year if I can get off from work which is not likely at all. 😦 Maybe we’ll have to do it here this year.


6 Responses

  1. It was a fun watching the broadcast with you and Joe. A couple more Justopia firsts….Justopia meets another JTV caster and makes a fabulous dinner together and Justopia tells the family about her secret obsession…errr I mean life 
    Congrats on finally coming out to the rest of your family. I am sure family get togethers will be less stressful, once you answer all the questions they have about the Justopian Life.

  2. So what were the secrets to getting the mayonnaise recipe correct? The pictures look like a nice Hollandaise sauce. Bring on artichoke night.

  3. Peekers,

    It was a fun night! I was so excited to meet Joe that I forgot to ask him all the things I wanted to know and then the excitement of having my family “there” added to the fun.

    Can’t wait for some family broadcasts!

  4. Fabian,

    I am not quite sure what the change was that made it work, but I did the following:

    Used a glass bowl
    Whisked by hand

    It was a lot of whisking. Must have taken 15 minutes or more, but in the end it was DEElicious! And yes, it was like hollandaise. It would be perfect with artichoke. I also made another batch of potatoes and cut them much smaller so they were nice and crispy. I think Joe liked them. You missed a great show last night! Great food, great company, my family in the room once they learned of the Justopian life and created user names. Was fun all around!

  5. You mean I get to cook with JUSTOPIA for REAL? What DOES Justopia mean anyway? My kids have been asking me all day long…in fact they can’t get it out of their heads! And, by the way, Dad made an appearance at the Trade Show this afternoon just in time for lunch. Gary had his computer so we logged in and talked about JUSTOPIA and we both laughed and said WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT! But we were both ready to tune in to watch you cook tonight and you took an unscheduled HIATUS! OK then, I’m getting into this JUSTOPIAN life – sounds like a new cult film! Hope I get a supporting role in the flick! BYE BYE for now.

  6. Hi Jane!

    Yep, I thought it would be a fun show to have you as a guest. The Justopian life is a combo of Just(in) and Utopia. It was a good place to “hang out” — a little piece of utopia after AOL.

    I had a GREAT dinner at Ruth’s Chris that I could not pass up at the last minute tonight. I usually only broadcast one night on the weekend, so I need to see what the plans are for Sat and Sun this weekend.

    I’ll let you know when I’ll be on. 🙂

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