A Mediterranean Feast with a Bit of a Failure and Cuteness Personified! and a Justopia and Joe Show Reminder

50% Success

I picked up a recipe card at work the other day and decided to make the recipe. I had great success with the Shrimp with Almond Cream recipe this week and so I was anxious to get into the kitchen to get the Poulet Niçoise on the stove tonight. I thought I’d make a great Spanish recipe to go with it. Papas Bravas — fried potatoes with Garlic Aioli sauce or mayo.

The potatoes boil in a pot of water with ground saffron which gives it the yellow color and that exotic saffron aroma.

The chicken braises in a mixture of onions and garlic and wine and parsley and tarragon and … well, you get the picture. I put the recipe in yesterday’s blog post. It turned out great.

What wasn’t such a success was the garlic aioli. I’ve been making home made mayonnaise for decades and until I began doing the Justopia Cooks show have never had a problem, never a failure, not even one time. But the last few times I have been totally unsuccessful in creating the nice, smooth, creamy goodness that is home made mayo.

Tonight I had the assistance of MissouriMatt54, and as patient as he was with the instructions and support, I still failed! I can not figure out what’s going on. Perhaps the bowls weren’t deep and high enough. Maybe I was too hasty in my pouring of oil into the whisked egg yolks, but no matter, I had a broken sauce that did not resemble mayo. When the show was over and I began cleaning up, I noticed that in one of the ramekins in which I had poured the mixture, there was a nice, thick, smooth, creamy mayo … but just a little more than a teaspoon, not enough to really sink my teeth into. I did give it a try with a few pieces of potato and it was DEElicious! As you can see from the shots above, there is a little bit around the edges of the ramekin, but still not thick and smooth like the little bit I ran across in my clean up. I am bound and determined to get this right and will be trying again next week! Stay tuned.

Aren’t They the Cutest?!

A few weeks ago I posted shots of my boys men when I was out visiting for “Dude’s” college graduation. Well, as if that weren’t enough with the cuteness, my dad sent me a few photos he came across when going through his office the other day. The photo is not great quality — he scanned it in — but just looking at the way “Dude” was mimicking what his brother, “The Scientist” was doing is enough to make me want to pinch their nonexistent “baby” cheeks. Please don’t ask me what “The Scientist” was doing in overalls and what looks like white shoes! But be kind and remember, this was the late 80’s! At least there is no sign of the rat tail that was to come later.


JoeInIraq and I will be broadcasting together tomorrow night at the Justopia Cooks Studios beginning at 8pm EDT. We may launch the broadcast a bit early, so be sure to both Favorite my JTV channel and to follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/Justopia so that you can be sure to know when the broadcast launches tomorrow night as well as nights in the future. I don’t send many Tweets, but I do send one whenever I launch the broadcast.

See you tomorrow for a Mexican feast with Joe and Justopia! 🙂


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