Mark Your Calendar!

Welcome Home Soldier!

I’m working late the next couple of nights. Actually, I worked late tonight and I’ll be working late tomorrow night as well, so I did not have anything interesting to write about, but I did want to make a schedule announcement for Thursday night.

Joe — you know, from the JoeInIraq channel? Well, as you know, Joe is no longer in Iraq. He’s returned to the US and is on his way home to Baltimore this week. He’s been driving his way across country from the Seattle area and he plans to stop in to visit with me on Thursday night. Well ok, he is not actually stopping in. The plan was for him to drive this way, stop in for some Carne Asada, a little co-broadcast and then to be on his way to his final destination on this trip — home, but my schedule was not flexible enough to allow for me to get off work early enough tomorrow to make this happen, so he’s going to go home and then drive here Thursday evening.¬† We’ll begin broadcasting at 8pm EDT and continue until the last bite of desert is gone.

I still plan to make the Carne Asada he requested and we will have another “Name that Exotic Food” contest as well. Which, bye the way, if you are a winner and have not sent me your address yet, please get on the stick and send it to so that I can get your Hickory Smoke Bag in the mail to you this week.

So please, mark the date on your calendars — there are not many of these JTV broadcaster meets another JTV broadcaster events and you don’t want to miss this one. Come to and meet Joe, a nice guy that served his country and is now home. I know we can give him a great Justopian welcome!


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s a great idea. I watched Joe last year when he was still in Iraq. Look forward to the cast. See ya then.

  2. Great Funtime! We’ll “see” you Thursday.

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