Cook-Through Shots Tonight


It’s been a long day, another busy one at the store, so I am just going to post photos of tonight’s Weeknight cook-through rather than ramble on about JTV. I didn’t have the opportunity to spend any time in the network today and didn’t feel like forcing myself to find something interesting to watch. I have noticed a huge drop off in viewer-ship when I broadcast. I’m not sure what’s keeping people away. Maybe it’s summer?

I made the Thai Chicken Curry recipe tonight and a repeat of the Kylie Kwong Soy-Dipped radishes. The radishes are basically a quick pickle recipe that I’ve fallen in love with and the chicken curry was a rendition of what I have made in the past, but from my own creation.

It was all DEElicious!

And very quick and easy to make

The basil was Thai basil from the Fresh World Market I mentioned the other night. I needed to use it tonight because it was quickly turning brown. I’d imagine it is not sprayed with anything or irradiated to preserve it for a longer shelf life.

I had to toss a package of ground beef that turned brown just 24 hours after I purchased it! 😦 I’m not sure how they get away without using preservatives, but it’s healthier in the long run, even if you do have to use it immediately.

It makes me feel like I am living overseas again where foods go bad quickly

This is the book we are cooking through this summer

I’ve made 5 of the 40 recipes in the past 5 broadcasts, so we are right on track to finish before summer is over


3 Responses

  1. Hey Justy,
    Just letting you know how wonderful I think the cook through idea is. I ,as u know ,do not realy cook much and am drawn to idea of simple easy to make recipes, I myself can make for home. So far all looked wonderful and I realy like how you put a rating of the dificulty rate in the blog with the pictures.
    I will see you in the kitchen soon.

  2. Hi Dez!

    Thanks for the note. The recipes are all very easy and quick weeknight meals.

    I’ll be back tomorrow night. πŸ™‚

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