Much Ado About Something? And DEElicious 3rd and 4th Justopia Cooks Through Recipes

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?

Grilled Mojo Chicken, Pasta with Salsa Cruda and Hot Pepper Jelly

We’ve talked about this before, but I just read an article that has me thinking about the issue of copyrighted material being broadcast on JTV day after day. When I asked what sport would take the place of soccer once Euro Cup 2008 finished last week, the answer came the very next morning in the form of Wimbledon matches being rebroadcast on multiple channels. Looking around tonight, it looks like the sports channels are sticking pretty much to the Sports category, while the movie and television rebroadcasts are in categories across the board.

When I launched my browser after I got done cleaning up in the kitchen, I saw a headline that immediately caught my attention:

YouTube ordered to reveal its viewers

This is no small headline, and I’m not talking about the choice of font. I wondered immediately just what data they were being ordered to relinquish. As I read through the article, it made me wonder if the guys at JTV were a little on edge about this order? While Viacom has a lot more to gain financially bringing a case against Google/YouTube, if they’re after proving a point, making a statement, what’s to stop them from going after someone like JTV?

Is it just a matter of time? Cases like this are never quick to resolve, but it will be interesting to watch and see how it plays out.

Dinner is complete with a bit of the newest batch of hot pepper jelly. This is my favorite batch yet! The recipes from the book for this dinner were great! I loved the chicken and often make pasta with a raw sauce like this during the summer months. I will make this chicken again. I give it 5 stars for ease of preparation and cooking and taste. It is a great meal to pack for lunch as well!


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