Tired and a Sarah Meyers Sighting


Chicken CousCous, Grilled Zucchini and Tomatoes

Is it possible to be beyond tired? I think it is. I am sitting here thinking about dinner and what I am going to make with the main course – pasta – and thinking that it means I have to get up off the couch and moseying my way to the kitchen, pulling out all the necessary ingredients, sorting out the pots and pans, … ok, stop! This sounds like whining and that is just not acceptable!

So, here are a few shots from last night’s Cook Through recipe. I have to say it was not a real hit. I mean the vegetables were great, but they were not from the Williams-Sonoma Food Fast Weeknights cookbook that I am making my way through this summer. The recipe I did make was Chicken Couscous. It wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t full of flavor and I don’t know — exotic enough for me. I used the chicken I had made earlier in the week which was so moist and tender and I had apricots and prunes and toasted nuts and the other ingredients that were called for, but it just fell flat. It fell flat for me, but it may well have been a huge hit for someone else.

I’d give it a 2 star rating for orginary, bland, filling, but not satisfying

Dulce de Tomate — or Sweet Ketchup

Tonight we’re making Pasta with Salsa Cruda and Grilled Mojo Chicken. Well, it’s time to go marinate the chicken, so I will just post a few shots from last night’s dinner along with the DEElicious batch of hot pepper jelly and of dulce de tomate that I spent time in the kitchen making yesterday and call it a blog post.

Hot Pepper Jelly — Jellin’

A Year Later

Sarah Before — no, not bad, just a little casual for a meeting as important as she said it was going to be

Oh and one other thing. When I got home and online I looked for something to tune in to and what I found was Sarah Meyers. It was a funny, I don’t know, kind of coincidental kind of happenstance that I would run into her tonight. She was in a restaurant or a bar of some kind, I couldn’t tell because of the angle she was shooting her video, but she was at a table against what looked like an upholstered wall and there was muzak style music playing in the background.

She was talking about her hair and asking the audience if she should change it for an important meeting she was getting ready to go to. The viewers were giving their opinions freely and they were fairly divided. Some were being their usual nice selves. You know the type, never a bad word, no matter how they truly feel — everything is wonderful, beautiful, excellent, etc. Others were being honest and telling her it didn’t look very good up as it was. And some were being downright nasty.

She noticed I was in the room and asked me, point blank what I thought. Now, we all know I am never a shrinking violet when it comes to my opinion. I have gotten much more reserved in the past 10 months, however I don’t fail to offer my thoughts, especially when asked.

Well, I thought she looked cute, but I did not think it was appropriate for a business meeting with her VC or potential VC or NBC — I have to admit, I really couldn’t tell exactly what she said, but I think she mentioned that she was meeting with her VC. Anyway, I suppose it may have been ok, but why not err on the side of caution and go a little more conservative? So I told her it looked cute, but would be better in a twist or down.

Sarah After — Conservative? Yes,but more appropriate for a serious meeting

Much to my surprise, Sarah said she was going to do what I said because she trusts me. Now, I may be older…errrrr, more mature. I may be much more experienced in business and in the working world. But in no way am I more qualified in the fashion or hair areas. I mean really, look at me! 🙂 But I was flattered and when she put her hair down and brushed it, it looked great.

And it got me to thinking about how things have changed in the past year with our Sarah Meyers. So I decided to take a stroll down the Living the Justopian Life blog memory lane and low and behold, it was exactly one year ago that I wrote about Sarah in great detail and she asked that I remove the post and after a bit of handwringing I did so. I mean, who am I to put someone in jeopardy of losing potential employment?! I was/am in the same boat, so I quickly went to the blog and hit the delete link and voila, the post was removed.

It’s not necessary to go into detail about what I wrote about, but suffice it to say that Sarah really seems to have come into her own this past year. She seems to have blossomed and seems to be thriving in Manhattan. Pop17 is getting some attention and Sarah is poised and looks great on camera.

Most notably, on those occasions that I have stumbled across her broadcasts, she has not been doing anything odd or weird or disconcerting, it’s been interesting and entertaining.

So Sarah Meyers, congratulations on the transformation and best of everything to you in your new endeavors!


6 Responses

  1. Thanks so much!

  2. You bet. I was confused by the last name. Did it change while I was sleeping? 🙂

  3. happy 4th Justy!

    notice that the ws recipes are lame?
    you, cooking a hot dog would be more tasty.

    all your food is far above ws; sorry to management, great store

    really miss 4th, in Washington; was there for 4th, during Carter years; man were we free, if we had only known!
    then “Nancy” replaced “Beach Boys” for “Stadler bros” just not the same since.

    speaking of hot dogs…snow cones…fireworks over the Atlantic


    PS. time for pickled peaches

  4. Remember the big 1976 celebrations? Wow, those were the days! I remember bumping into Carter and Mondale in the airport when Reagan National was called National Airport and it was so small that you walked to your plane out on the tarmac. And I remember the “Malaise” speech later on, but yes, those were the days.

    I haven’t been to a 4th celebration on The Mall in a very long time, but that whole area is like an armed fortress now, so nothing down there is easy or fun. 😦

    I wish I had some hot dogs to cook up tonight. I am worn out. It floors me that people shop on holidays like this. It was a busy day and never really got quiet until I closed the doors and locked them behind me!

  5. Hey Justy;
    yes I do remember the 76 Bicentennial celebrations,
    we were red, white, and blue and it didn’t depend on how much, hate, we showed for others, just the opposite.
    “love child” became a most, derogatory term, and we became the hated.

    I do remember the malaise speech, actually “Crisis of Confidence” speech, just reread it.
    WOW, it was true then and even more true, and revelatory today. (so short, and concise with no lies, how refreshing.)
    i must be getting old, nostalgic for old times, as better.
    and hungry too; whats for supper?
    take care

  6. Oh yes, the Crisis of Confidence speech. Wasn’t that the era in which we boycotted the Olympics as well? I think it was the games that were held in Russia, or well … USSR, if I am not mistaken?

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