Cook Through — Day 1 and a Real Sense of Community at JTV and Do You Know What a Frantrum Is?

Helping Hands

Miso glazed salmon with Bok Choy and Sesame-Udon noodles from the Williams-Sonoma “Food Made Fast — Weeknights” book

Last night was a troublesome one. I worked hard in my kitchen most of the day and I was ready for my first Cook Through broadcast when I was faced with a horrible, terrible, seemingly insurmountable problem … I could not connect to my wireless network! This meant I was tethered to my Mac with just 3 ft. of ethernet cable. I not only had no ability to carry the machine to the kitchen, but I could do little more than sit at the desk by the tangle of cables that makes up my little network of printers, two machines, one Mac and one Windows machine, a cable modem for the computer and one for the phone. And of course last night, the problematic Time Capsule — the Apple combo router/backup device.

So I sat with the few viewers that were around last night attempting to troubleshoot the issue and then Honestguy got on his bat phone an called in the calvary — Tia-Marie showed up moments later and tried with all her MacUser might to helpe me, but to no avail. A few others, CodFishIsgood (hmmm…is that the correct username?) and Caveman and Deslok and Tenten were trying hard to help and the others were there for moral support, but nothing was working.

Now, if I were not doing this “with” people I think I may have tossed the machine right off the balcony, but I kept my composure, even if I wasn’t looking so happy. I didn’t swear or have a Frantrum.

Yes! I said Frantrum. When I was out with my friend the other day strolling around the mall and having a nice lunch, we were once again reminiscing about “the good old days” when we worked together at AOL and for a short time shared a house with another friend. We were living the Three’s Company life. And yes, I was definately Janet, although as I recall, Jack was a cook by trade so I would have probably given him a run for his money or would have badgered him like a mad woman about his cooking skills and preferences. Lord knows I did that to our version of Jack. As a matter of fact, it’s rare that we get together and we don’t mention his penchant for Kraft Mac n’ Cheese with Hot Dogs and my “Bland” (his opinion folks, his opinion!) chicken soup which ends in a lot of laughs.

Anyway, he had the grand opportunity to witness many a wig-out by yours truly, but what I did not know until just the other day is that it had a term. That others had referred to these little episodes as Frantrums. Embarassing? Yes? But I have to give them props for creativity. It must have made it more bearable when on the viewing end of a Frantrum.

Recipe by Recipe

Look at that beautiful golden color!

Last night was the first night of the Justopian Cook Through. To review, I plan to cook through all recipes in the Williams-Sonoma Weeknights cookbook this summer. If I am successful at doing this, I plan to tackle a while different level of cookbooks. The miso glazed salmon was so DEElicious! It was melt in your mouth good and the noodles were a great accompaniment to the dish.

  • I give this recipe 5 stars for ease of preparation, time, taste and presentation. It’s a DEElicious and quick weeknight meal

2 Responses

  1. No no quite right, but close!

    I really hope youcan get the wifi probs sorted.

    In hindsight, it’s probably just a simple thing – like not having the Timecapule connected to your ADSL Modem by ethernet. But I’m sure by now you’ll have it sorted.

    Cheers for now.

    PS – Ever tried Monkfish Tails?

  2. AH! I knew I wasn’t quite right codsoup, I am just thankful I was somewhere in the vicinity! 🙂

    Well, the laptop is all taken care of. It was a matter of the TimeCapsule reverting to the factory defaults when an update was executed, so now it’s working like a champ! Whew

    I haven’t tried Monkfish tails. Actually, I am not a Monkfish kinda gal. I know I eat shell fish, but bottom crawler fish like Catfish and Monkfish are not something I go in for.

    I guess I’d better get into the kitchen and see about dinner for tonight’s broadcast!

    “See” you in the kitchen.

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