How Did They Miss Me?! What You Did On Your Summer Vacation and Should I Be Worried?

USA Today

You can see from the shot in the USA Today article that the Show Me the Curry ladies have set up their kitchen as a studio a bit more elaborately than my set up 😉

I received mail from a friend this morning about an article in USA Today that made my heart sink just a little. It went like this:

FYI, there’s a big feature story about amateur web cooking shows on the front of the USA Today Life section today. I was disappointed that you weren’t interviewed — please fire your agent.

Two things stand out here:

  1. I wasn’t mentioned in the article!
  2. I don’t have an agent!

When I read the article I realized they were talking about recorded cooking video, not live .TV style cooking which is my claim to non-fame. What I do is not as produced as what Show Me the Curry puts together for their YouTube videos, but they are not able to interact and engage their viewers in real time like I am.

I know there’s something here at or at my JTV Channel on the cusp of something bigger. I just haven’t tapped the resource that is out there — somewhere — that can help me get the word out that I’m in my kitchen 5 nights a week interacting with viewers and cooking DEElicious food, interacting with viewers, sometimes holding contests and shipping prizes and food.

Having video to review is convenient and we had that with, but no one was utilizing the feature, so we haven’t put up any reruns, but it’s all available on the Justopia_live JTV channel. If I wanted, I could post each night’s show to YouTube, but the show is too long, so I’d have to create a highlight and post that. Needless to say, I haven’t found the time to do such a thing. 🙂

But that leads me to my next topic. One that I spoke about yesterday — Cook Through Blogging. I chose a cookbook to cook through. As I mentioned, I was going to use the Kylie Kwong book, but I decided on a Wiliams-Sonoma book from the Food Made Fast series called Weeknight. It’s got just 40 recipes so it should be relatively easy to cook through by the end of the summer and I like the recipes. They all look like food I’d enjoy cooking and eating. So, the plan is to begin this program tomorrow night during my broadcast. Be sure to tune in. I’ll post photos and a short review of the recipe each time I make one.

JTV, Take Me Away!

Rosario, Argentina — 2004

When JTV launched I did a lot of speculating (and writing) about it’s potential in terms of flattening the world. You know, the importance of and the eagerness to see the world through broadcaster’s eyes. To date, only a few, a very few have taken us on their travels. iJustine, Sarah Nekomimi_lisa, From Paris, and Quintano_Media are the few I can name, the few I have been to Japan or New York or Atlanta or San Francisco with. I’ve had a coffee or a meal or a drink with them. I’ve been on a trolly (or is it street car) in San Francisco, I’ve been to a temple in Kyoto, I’ve been to Times Square and to the Aquarium in Atlanta.

Hong Kong — 2001

There is one thing all of these broadcasters have in common. Each of them have disclosed their full names on camera or on their channel or on their website — without hesitation. Not important, just a fact I find interesting.

Some have put together worth-watching videos which run on their channels when they are not broadcasting, others have set up domains like, although none as refined. We’ve got a dual camera set up, an embedded music player, the ability to resize and place windows and chat font, emoticons, and more at Justopia.

House on the Prya River in Bangkok, Thailand — 2000

But that’s beside the point. What we’re here to talk about is what you did on your summer vacation. Well, maybe not you. But if you’re planning on traveling this summer and if you broadcast, then yes, you! I’m not going anywhere and I want to live vicariously through you. Please. This medium has such potential, but it’s rarely used to it’s full potential.

I am just as guilty as the next guy. My excuse? I don’t have a mobile broadcasting set up. I have pondered the idea of buying a Nokia n95 when my cell phone plan ends in August, but I would really like an iPhone and at this stage in life, I am in no position to pay for two phones and two plans. We know I can’t go mobile with this Mac because it would fry before I got into DC tucked into a backpack and closed up. Actually, I haven’t figured out how you can broadcast when the laptop is closed — it loses it’s network connection when not open. But that’s neither here nor there because it would probably catch fire, or well … melt, anyway. Yikes!

This is my wish list for summer vacation:

  • I want to go to Europe
  • I want to go to the mountains
  • I want to go to the Olympics in Beijing
  • I want to stroll through an Asian airport
  • I want to eat exotic foods in far off lands (and I’m not talking exotic in Tony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern terms
  • I want to attend a big family reunion — preferably in the deep south with DEElicious BBQ foods
  • I want to attend a summer wedding on the beach

I don’t think this is too much to ask, do you? I mean seriously, all of these things will be happening at some point this summer and with so many JTV channels I am sure there are broadcasters that are going to be taking part in all of these things. Is it too bold of me to ask that I tag along as an invisible guest on these travels? I don’t cost anything. I’m quiet. I’m a good listener. I am happy to cook for you.

Please. Someone. Take me away!

Reason to Worry?

Alaskan Glacier — 2002

I saw this article about the Large Hadron Colider (LHC) when I woke up this morning and wondered if I need to reconsider my cook through plans? I did not see a date and have not done more extensive research to see if I can find out the exact date this thing will be turned on and the world will come to a big, black end, but if we are going to be sucked into some bigger than life black hole, is it worth starting to cook through an entire compilation of recipes now? What would it all be for? If no one will be around to read about the adventures of trying every single recipe in a cookbook, is it all just an exercise in busy work?

End of the World – Ushuaia, the southern most town on the planet — 2005

Or will it help to keep my mind off the end of the world? Will it make it all less scary? Well, maybe the world won’t come to an end, but if they are going to turn the switch on this giant magnet (that’s laymen’s terms for those of us that don’t really understand what this is all about) isn’t it possible that some major earthquake could happen? And can someone with one of those pretty large globes take a look and tell me what country is on the other side of the world from the French/Swiss border? I mean, if you took a power tool and drilled straight down from the point where the LHC is located so I can watch it to see if when the colider is switched on if there is an earthquake or if a giant sinkhole opens up and sucks all the people in?

The moon from my balcony — Summer, 2007

I took at look at GoogleEarth, but haven’t pinpointed the city on the exact opposite side of the earth from Geneva, Switzerland where my small amount of research tells me CERN is located. I wonder if any broadcasters are planning to be in Geneva or on the other side of the planet from Geneva in August?


4 Responses

  1. I have no personal stake in this either way, but I was a little miffed that Show Me the Curry got the lion’s share of the spotlight when there are so many other (arguably more deserving) amateur productions out there.

    Majula’s Kitchen is a great example. The production values might not be that high, but the videos are easy to understand and her recipes are spot on.

  2. Tim, I think things are only going to evolve over time and as it becomes more prolific, quality will improve and there will be more opportunities to watch interesting video or live broadcasts from around the world.

  3. I just got back from 3 weeks of touring around Germany. Cities to name a few included Munich, Dresden, Trier, Cochem, Traben, Trabach, Koblenz, Dachau, Berlin and Salzburg Austria.
    Many times when taking in some breath taking sights of the countryside from mountain top castles (Burgs), to looking at a city after climbing 306 stairs to the top of a church steeple (I didn’t count them they had a sign as you were going in) or viewing the art pieces and relics in the many museums, I would think that this would be so much fun to broadcast and give others the opportunity to drink in the same lovely sights and sounds that I am experiencing.
    Maybe next summer I will take the plunge and broadcast my next vacation.

  4. Sounds GREAT Peekers! I’d love to see some photos. And yes, next year let’s go on vacation with you!! 🙂

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