New JTV Features and Last Night’s F Word x 2

iCal Integration and JTV Networks

Tonight we made a DEElicious Asian meal of a Radish-soy salad, Shrimp with a Honey Garlic Sauce and Steamed Rice has been launching new features or upgrades or improvements or tweaks on Fridays very consistently for a number of months now and some have been pretty useful and fun. Today’s releases are great. For those of us that use iCalendar, the Mac calendar app, we can now use it to update our channel calendars which is awesome news because the old way of updating the calendar was time consuming and clusy. Each month I would spend a ridiculous amount of time posting new events to the calendar.

The way I’d draft what I wanted to display, cut and paste iwa into my clip board and then open each day I wanted to post a broadcast event, type in the Title, paste in the copy, select the time, select the duration and hit Save. Then I’d have to go in and do it all over again. It took a great deal of time and I found it tedious and frustrating.

The Radish and Shrimp recipes came from a Kylie Kwong book I picked up from the sale table at the store yesterday

But now I can just update my schedule in a Justopia Cooks my calendar in iCal, send the feed to my settings in JV and voila! My schedule is updated and I have my calendar set up to publish whenever I make a change.

For Windows users, it looks like Google Calendar uses iCal, so no one is left out.


The other feature that launched is JTV Networks. Now, I haven’t quite figured it all out, but I spent some time in the Official JTV Network and got immediate help with the iCal set up. Well, with a question really. I wanted to ensure that my iCal/.Mac address would not display since I don’t want that info published. Kenny the intern answered me right away, looked at the feed info I entered on my settings page, told me I needed to use the other URL and followed up to make sure things were taken care of properly.

It was all around, a good customer experience. Things have come a long way in the past 15 months. I think we’ve all matured. Well, I know I’ve chilled. 😉 As a matter of fact, while I was out enjoying a relaxing day off with a friend, the term Frantrum came up. I had NO IDEA my little (ok, maybe not so little) freak outs had been named, but I will admit that Frantrum is extremely appropriate.

Falafel and Fatoush

Last night’s broadcast took us to the Middle East for Falafel and Fatoush. Funny sounding words. Lots of jokes can be made from them. The most common, Fat Tush is probably the farthest away from a description of what to expect from this healthy meal.

Aside from the hot fat that the falafel is fried in, the meal is a most healthy one. You can diminish the negative results of frying by using a healthy oil and ensuring your fat is heated to a proper frying temperature. Cooking at the right heat will keep the spongelike patties from soaking up the fat and what you’ll end up with is a crunchy texture on the outside and creamy goodness on the inside.

I started with 1 1/4 cups of dried chick peas (garbanzo beans) which I soaked in water overnight in the fridge. Well, all day really since I ended up working a little over 9 hours.

When I got home I drained the chick peas well and put them into a food processor garlic, cilantro, parsley, onions and seasonings and hit the on button and puréed for about 5 minutes until the mixture was smooth and creamy.

All the while, Dude and the Scientist were hanging around my desktop, watching. 🙂

Then the mixture was spread onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet to dry out just a bit for an hour

I forgot to capture the frying part, but the results can be seen here. I stuffed pita bread with the fried patties, yogurt, feta cheese, a few tomatoes and olives and thanks to Kirstiebean’s suggestion, a bit of hot sauce

I paired the sandwich with the fatoush which is a simple, but DEElicious salad of parsley, cucumber, tomato, onions and crispy pita bread pieces which I ended up leaving out because I was having a big, fat pita bread. I kept it simple, but you could add a healthy splash of flavor with hummos or a tahini sauce. I’ve got plenty of falafel waiting for me in the freezer now, and next time we’ll “fancy it up.”

Speaking of multiple falafel, just what the heck is the proper term for the plural of falafel? A viewer with the new user name — nowinjustopia fed us with definitions of the dishes in the meal’s menu, which included info on the plural of falafel, but I didn’t follow because I was trying to keep my fingers out of the hot fat while I was frying which I came very close to accomplishing without a mishap, but I did get a finger in the hot fat for a second. Eeek!


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