Puts a Smile on Your Face

Where the Hell is Matt?

I had a nice cappuccino to start the day

Tenten asked me if I have been following the guy, Matt, that’s been dancing his way around the world. I couldn’t remember, but once I started watching the video it rung a bell. I think I saw something about this guy sometime last year. The video made me smile all the way through and I challenge you to not smile as you watch it. I also watched the outtakes video. It was good entertainment.

I highly recommend you watch this video. While you’re there, check out the other Where the Hell is Matt related videos. It’s well worth your time and at this point, far more entertaining than what we are seeing on the JTV channel bar these days.


My schedule this week put a crimp in my nightly broadcasting schedule, so I thought I’d shoot my lunch and post it here. And then I thought I would broadcast tonight’s dinner prep rather than go for 5 days with no broadcast. We had a relaxing time putting dinner together, eating and good after dinner conversation about the potential for me to sell my jams and jellies out in the marketplace.

Tigergreg challenged me to think about what it is I really want to be doing and to put some thought into how to make that happen. You know it’s interesting. I think we’ve built a nice little community at Justopia where people actually care about one another and it was displayed tonight in the conversations we had.

And I really appreciate it!

Now, on a different subject … Joe, the soldier that used to broadcast from Iraq who is now back in the US wants to do a show with me on July 15th. I think it will be great fun! I hope I can get the day off. It could be tricky with my wonky schedule, but I am going to try like crazy to make it work.

Lunch was a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich

The only tomatoes I had in the house were colorful cherry tomatoes

They made for a great sandwich.

I won’t be on tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday nights because I am working late, but plan to see me broadcasting on Wednesday night! Until then, Buen Provecho!


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