JTV Birthday Round Up and Big Brother — Not So Live


Right out of the oven

I found out it was going to be Krystyl’s birthday today and since we chat and “hang out” on JTV I thought I’d bake her a cake. Well, low and behold, it turns out it’s also Peekers and Tanner’s and iChristy’s birthdays today as well. So it’s a good thing we made a huge cake on the broadcast tonight! We needed enough to go around for the JTV viewers and broadcasters celebrating their special day and for the Justopia.com audience members that were

I never frost a cake when it’s just come out of the oven, but I wanted to keep the integrity of the design of this cake so I ended up making a glaze just by virtue of the fact that I frosted while it was still piping hot. It was DEElicious!

Krystyl and Peekers and Tanner and iChristy, a very happy birthday to you all!!

Big Brother Update

I was looking through the blog to get some ideas and accidentally clicked on the Big Brother Live channel link that I posted the other night. From the looks of the message at their JTV channel page, it looks like a Take Down Notice was served to JTV.


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