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What a day. I headed to California for a very brief visit with my boys and to see the Dude graduate and due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip was made even shorter. It’s now 12:31am, local time, but my body and brain think it’s 3:31am. It’s still on East coast time. Normally, a 3 hour time zone difference is not enough to phase me at all, but I am pretty exhausted and since Dude’s school is graduating early (9am) it’s going to be a very short night. To complicate matters, for the first time in a lot of years, I arrived without my baggage which I wasn’t going to check, but it just seemed easier with all the carry-on restrictions.


It all started with the first leg of the trip. We pushed back from the gate, headed down the taxi-way and sat there. And sat, until finally the captain made an announcement that there was bad weather ahead and our route, the route heading West was closed until further notice. Well, a few announcements and a lot of hand-wringing later, we were on our way, but it wasn’t going to be possible for me to make my connection. The airline booked me on another flight, another carrier, but it would have a connection via Denver … unless I wanted to take a direct flight to LAX. I opted for that flight and headed to the gate.


When I got there, just a few minutes before the planned boarding time, there was a lot of commotion. A police officer pulled up on his segway and there were two of them talking with someone at the desk. I didn’t bother to go find out what was going on, but within moments, the gate rep announced that as they pulled the plane out of the hangar, they noticed a mechanical problem. Oh no! More delays? She said they were “trying to find another airplane for us,” and that they would inform us as soon as possible. So she did, but the news was not great. The plane they substituted was smaller than the original equipment so they were accepting no more standby passengers and they would have to change people’s seats. I watched as one young mom wheeled her FIVE children out and made her way back home with teary kids and babies in strollers and lots of confused looks and disarray. She did well for the baggage she was toting, poor thing.

I stood back and watched things unfold. People were walking up to the counter trying to get information, but the gate attendant was calling names as the machine printed out new seat assignments. But just like I have complained about in the past, people are selfish and some wanted to get personal attention and make things right for themselves. Some attempted to plant themselves at the counter, some would just come back repeatedly, even though they could clearly hear the woman calling names and asking them to come to the counter to get their new boarding pass. I felt like I was transported back to elementary school and was amidst kids that didn’t listen to the teacher and the instructions. It was annoying, yet humorous. Eventually we boarded and by now it was going to put us in LAX at about 10pm. This meant the the Scientist was going to have to drive all the way up to LAX, then down to the OC to drop me off and then back to his dad’s house for the few hours he was going to get to sleep before it was time to wake up for graduation.

All the while I was thinking about how my bag was not likely to make it. So, here I sit pondering my toiletry and jammy situation. I picked up a few items to at least attempt to appear to be fresh and clean in my old, wrinkled clothes in the morning, but I am very worried about the hair situation. I don’t have the products I would normally use and I am envisioning a fuzzball situation. AARRGGHH! It could all be worse I suppose — after all, it was Friday the 13th!


4 Responses

  1. That stinks.

  2. wow I have been there done that many times when traveling for work…thank god for lap tops and inconvient outlets for entertainment…and did I mention the expensive beer…or was that soda’s because I bought booze in the duty free shops….lol

  3. The problem with purchasing booze in the duty free shops is that you can’t get access to the stuff you’ve bought until you’re on the plane. And then can you even open it on the plane? You know I don’t know because alcohol just isn’t something I care for. My drug of choice when on international travel is Cartier or Hermés. 😉 Then again, it’s been a year since I’ve even had the opportunity to shop in a duty free shop since that was my last international flight, but I am hoping this year I will take a vacation somewhere exotic.

  4. Most of the time you can’t get access to it but in Canada you buy it carry it through security or buy it after security and lug it around with you while waiting for your flight…love those Canadian airports 😉

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