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Smoker Bag Ribs, Persian Rice, Grilled Zucchini, and Why Am I Tempting the God’s Tomatoes

It’s been a trying week and it’s only Wednesday! Today capped it off, for now at least. I suspect as the Hyundai saga continues it will only get more difficult.

I walked out of the store after work last night to discover a car with a dead battery. Or so I thought. I walked over to the car,unlocked the door, put my purse on the passenger seat, pulled the seatbelt from it’s compartment, put it on and turned the key in the ignition.

Nothing. Not a click. No a whiny sound, not a grinding sound, nothing! Silence! Cearly, the battery was dead, but how it got that way is a mystery to me.

I called the place I made the car purchase and they sent me to the claims administrator who was so busy she had to ask if she could call me back when she was done with the customer she was working with. A little while later she called, checked my warranty and roadside assistance program and made arrangements for a towing company to head my way and got me all set up.

I walked across the street to the parking lot where my car was waiting patiently to be repaired. The driver came. He was nice with a storied past. He told me all about his life in Alaska working on the pipeline, driving tow trucks, a felony charge with a 5 year sentence (for an alleged wrongfully charged crime) and he told me that the company he works for hires all felons to drive their trucks.

Another BEEautiful June Sunset in Justopia!

He was nice and kept telling me to smile, because, “It makes you feel better.” I wasn’t feeling grumpy at that point really. I was just tired. The heat and the stress of how to take care of the car and the upcoming quick trip to California for Dude’s graduation — Dude! You remember him, the handsome young man I call my youngest son who flew out here for a little time with mom and a debut on in the early Spring.

Anyway, Dude is graduating from college on Saturday and I am going to fly out there to witness the event. I wish I could stay longer, but this job just won’t allow for it. It’s a shame. All those years at AOL and all those weeks of vacation time accrued and rarely used and here I am finally, after 15 years, needing some time and I haven’t earned it yet.

Oh well, life will go on, I suppose.

Jonas Brothers

We saw a few Jonas Brothers fans in the room tonight. It’s not an unusual occurrence and while some don’t care for the teeny-bopper participation, I don’t have a problem with it. To me it’s fun. It’s nice to have kids in the room who are respectful and while their passion for a boy band that makes music I am not necessarily a fan of is far from what we are doing in the Justopian kitchen, just the fact that they are there and get all giddy when someone older than their parents age can speak intelligently about their heroes puts a smile on my face.

I saw the People Magazine issue that featured the Jonas Brothers last week and picked up a copy. I wanted to see what I could learn about this group and perhaps write a blog post about them, but I haven’t had the time to read the magazine to get enough info yet. I am hoping I can do so on the flight out to California tomorrow and get something written that is interesting not only to the teen set, but to regular viewers as well.

Lately it’s been all I can do to come home, cook and share the night’s food event and clean up the kitchen. I have just a few more blog posts before I will have published a year’s worth of posts — 365, and would like to have accomplished it prior to Sunday, but sometimes I just can’t keep my eyes open with this new-fangled schedule I am working. It’s really all I can do to get myself into the kitchen to whip up a good meal and once in a while dinner just isn’t up to snuff — last night is a case in point. When you don’t see food photos, you know I wasn’t thrilled about my dinner. I am hoping to turn that around tonight. I need something lip-smacking good and I think I have it up my sleeve!


I stumbled across this video on YouTube a few minutes ago. I hadn’t seen it before and it had me smiling and laughing in a big way. It’s nice to see people with celebrity status having the ability to be the subject of this kind of humor. He got to kind of roast himself which makes for good video.

I attempted to embed the video, but it’s not available for embedding, so all I can do is lead you to the site:

Watch for multiple celebrity cameos too!


3 Responses

  1. hey girl;
    3 things,
    then off to Va. to stay with Dad, for a few weeks.
    He is 83 and does everything well, but believes, anything, for a dollar, is a good meal (out or home). Mama always said, that all she had to do, was cook, and he was happy. She was magic in the kitchen!

    NOW for the Sermon, Please take care of… :
    1. sleep debt
    2. missing tx(treatments)
    3. 2008 Lincoln MKZ

    forgive me, be mad, but get over it, we depend on you!

    Hymn for the day
    “What a Wonderful World” by The Great Satchmo

    your curls were so cute.

  2. I saw that video a while back and I still think it is funny. My favorite part is the Barrack Obama snippet…lol.
    Have a good trip and congratulations to ‘Dude’.

  3. Thanks for the sermon BB, I probably needed it. But … I don’t get the Lincoln part? Does that have to do with my car saga maybe?

    Well, time to see if my flight is going to be delayed. There’s talk of all kinds of travel disruptions, so I need to check it out while I sit here, waiting.

    Have a good trip to VA!

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