Welcome Home Soldier!

JoeInIraq is Back!

For those of you that weren’t around when Joe was broadcasting from Iraq, well, you missed a nice channel. He was on JTV broadcasting for a while and then suddenly went off the radar. I would hear from him every once in a while, but nothing constant. He touched base and let me know he was ok and that he was soon going to be coming back home, which of course, was great news.

What you couldn’t see clearly on the broadcast was this huge ball of fire hanging in the sky

Well, he showed up while I was broadcasting tonight. He’s here in the US in the Seattle area and when I had time to head over to his channel I saw a guy with a bright smile, looking relaxed and happy. It was a nice sight to see.

Grilled chicken with a coconut cream sauce and roasted corn salad

Months ago when he started broadcasting I had planned to write an article about a soldier lifecasting, but when he wasn’t around I put the idea on the bookshelf. Now that he’s stateside I am going to dust off the notebook and see about getting something written that might be of interest to people. Maybe we can do a video interview and get that posted.

We’ll see. He doesn’t live far from me, so who knows, maybe we can meet up in DC. Now that Joe is not in Iraq anything is possible!

I am going to cut it short tonight since I have a busy day tomorrow, but I didn’t want to pass up and opportunity to let JTV viewers know that Joe in fact, is not in Iraq, he’s back! 🙂

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