Nothing on JTV Worth Watching … or Writing About

Content is Lacking

A year ago I was in the Philippines looking at a job prospect, so I thought I’d bring up some of my Philippine photos for today’s post

A friend, someone I know, an acquaintance, a buddy, a pal, a fellow JTV viewer, someone I met on JTV … OMG! This is so hard, I’m going back to — a friend I met on JTV — and I were chatting the other night and he asked me what there is to watch aside from “TV” (network television shows, mostly sports, or movies) on JTV these days since I am still a JTV watcher.

The Manila skyline — and yes, the smog was frequently this thick

A great question, but the description of me is not entirely accurate anymore. I do tune into JTV, but there is not really anything that keeps me on for long. I scratched my head and replied that there really is nothing to watch on the network. I tune in to watch Laggie after I am done broadcasting, but it’s never for long because I try to get the blog post written and published so that I can get to bed before the sun comes up now.

The pristine and tranquil beach at the Mactan Island Shangri-La, Cebu. It’s not so tranquil anymore

As networks like evolve or reinvent themselves or as new ones come into view, it will be interesting to see how things change. I do believe this will become mainstream one day. Mainstream in the same way blogging or YouTube have become part of the modern-day lexicon. Sites like with it’s advertising revenue stream or Yahoo’s live offering with it’s familiar name, or with it’s sleek and shiny production tools. And then there are the perhaps the lesser known, BlogTV and, working to gain a share of the broadcasters and audience. Yet, it’s all still very untapped and helter-skelter. Sure, some of them are seeing big names. Presidential candidates, TV personalities, etc., but so far, none have taken the lead far enough to gain mainstream visibility.

A not so atypical sight on my way to work some mornings

I’m convinced it will happen, but it’s going to take marketing and design to attract both talent/content and viewers. Will YouTube’s offering turn the tide? My money’s on them, but really, what do I know? I am just a JTV viewer/broadcaster, not an industry expert.

Hmmm… I suppose that begs the question. Who is the industry expert? Is there a .TV industry expert?

Makati on a clear day

*Post Script: I write about what sparks at least a little bit of brain tingling inspiration and today nothing on JTV inspired me enough to write about what I watched. It was either totally uninteresting to me or trivial drama based on real or fabricated nonsense that didn’t get the right brain going this morning. Sorry guys. I know there were a few of you that were looking forward to my rant or a dissertation on what you had to say during your broadcast, but it didn’t garner a “worth typing” rating today.


6 Responses

  1. hey justy
    hope you are having a great wekend

    you might want to “check out”,

  2. “Arrested Development” great show narrated by Ron Howard, and has many many stars in it.

    what happened to pendulum search on jtv
    much more effective, but may have had hypnotizing effect.

    SOAPBOX: was ***’d out
    for using bad word, by crapstats or big brother, (requesting an episode of above program on empty chat…)
    the word, forgive me children and old people,… fat

    they can shun it, ban it, go to war over it, but i live the infinitive.. “to be” ha


  3. Well somedays you have it and other just can’t get your attention at all….

  4. You know bgbear, I wanted to watch Arrested Development, but I have only watched one show continuously since I began this crazy JTV journey and I never flipped over to AD. I need to check it out because everyone speaks so highly of it.

    I don’t know about the pendulum search, but the current category set up makes it difficult for people to know who is where when. I don’t search. If it’s not on the bar, I don’t seek out content. I see that some broadcasters are in multiple categories a well. It’s a mystery.

    I was never a fan of the word filter when they put it into effect a year ago and I wrote about it a few times, but what will be will be. Or, it is to be on JTV apparently. 🙂

  5. Dezining,

    Do you mean that you also find it tough to find interesting content on JTV? Or am I missing your point? I’m really tired and worn out and am not quite sure. I think I need to run for bed! 🙂

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