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Any Attention is Good

I ran across this comic in a blog post last week and it made me chuckle. And then it made me blush. Why did I turn a brilliant shade of red? That’s easy to explain. Because I am one of the new generation of bloggers that captures every morsel of every meal on camera. I can’t seem to go one night without snapping shots of what I am preparing, or the end result of what I’ve made and always, every night that I broadcast or write, there is a computer lurking in the background of most of the shots.  Ever since I began blogging and needed more images to help break up the monotony of the vast landscape of words I toss up into the air and ont the blog each night, I have found myself unable to not pull out a camera and photographing my food.

My sister asked me why there is always a computer in the shot and I managed to change the subject and move away from having to find a way to NOT talk about and It was a close call. Sometimes, when I am posting shots to Flickr, I need to remember to check to ensure I am sending photos that don’t reveal anything about this broadcasting or blogging life of mine to my “real life” account rather than to my Justopia account.

It gets tougher and tougher with each passing week. There will soon become a time in which I can no longer recall a life without JTV or without broadcasting my dinner. If the internet were to die tomorrow, who would I have to dine with each night? Who would I chat with while eating my dinner? It would be oh so lonely.


So … I threw a challenge out into the room last night, but have yet to have anyone seriously consider it.  What I asked for was 100 viewers a night for 14 nights in that come in and stay for a time …. no transients please.  And the reward for successfully making it happen?  I said that I would host another Iron Chef style cook-off at Justopia. com and that I would be offering up a GREAT prize.

So, let’s see.  Is anyone up for the challenge?!


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