Sex in the Suburbs … Well, Maybe Not


Today was marketing day and I picked up some great food at great prices. Tonight, Grilled Tuna

I’m not usually one to tag along, to walk behind like a lemming, but I justified today’s entertainment break as a bit of research. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, to investigate, to see if all the hooplah, the women holding “Sex” parties, putting the men in their lives out for a night while they enjoyed the the movie that scored a #1 position with it’s release this weekend, the news reports of a movie that had women giddy with anticipation, was worth it or worth the cost of a $7.25 matineé ticket. So I did what millions of others did since the movie debuted this weekend. I headed to the neighborhood cinema and strolled into a dark theater to see Sex in the City.

With Mushroom Risotto and Green Beans

I really wanted to see the makeup of the audience, although why I thouht it would be anything different than it was, 4 partially empty rows of women. In all, I counted 28 people. Not exactly breaking the doors down but it was a weekday afternoon after all. When I head out to the movies it’s almost always for a weekday matinee, it’s usually pretty quiet and it’s rare to see a guy. Well, excepting, of course, the guy I tend to head out to the movies with. I thought about picking up the phone and calling to see if he’d want to go with me. I knew his response would probably be, “Sure, I ain’t scared,” but I didn’t get myself organized and ready to go until it was too late to call and I didn’t want to have to wait until next week to see it. I hate when everyone around is talking about a movie and I am left to go with preconceived notions of what to expect.

I cooked the tuna longer than I’d have liked. I usually eat it rare, but it was just $4.99/lb. and it came all the way from The Philippines, so I thought I’d better be safe than sorry

I also rather enjoy going to the movies by myself. I get 90 – 120 minutes to escape into a world that is not my own, I can laugh or cry or wring my hands privately and when I exit the theater and squint until my eyes are adjusted to the sunlight that is raining down outside the doors to the cinema, I can remain in the “place” the movie took me to until I have had time to sort things out. How often do you leave a movie with someone and begin reviewing what you’ve just seen only to disagree with them or you agree totally, but you begin dissecting the thing and before you know it, it’s all torn apart and in a shambles on the sidewalk?

Today as I stepped up to the concession stand to purchase my very expensive bottle of water to go with the popcorn and candy I brought with me, I saw a co-worker making her way past the guy collecting tickets with a bevy of broads in tow. OMG! Why did I just say that? It was so politically incorrect! But hell, I was going to see a movie about a topic or topics that I expected to be very non PC for two and a half hours.

I was expecting to laugh, to cry to just be all up in the moment throughout, but it just did not happen for me. I don’t want to go into detail, surely there are a few of you reading that haven’t seen the movie yet and who plan to and with great anticipation, so I will not spoil or hint at or do anything that will ruin your experience.

I think a great deal of the issue for me is that I was not living in the US most of the time the show was a hit on US television. I was in countries that were still showing All the President’s Men and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off on HBO for cryin’ out loud! I did see the last few episodes and while the world was going crazy around me, I think I had just missed too much of the details to get as wrapped up in the finale as everyone else around the water cooler at the office.

I’m not sorry I went. It was a nice way to spend a few hours, far better than sitting on the couch looking for something interesting on JTV on a weekday afternoon. I just wish I was jumping up and down about it.


4 Responses

  1. A plate very interesting, compliments

  2. Thank you Roverella. It was a very good, light, weeknight meal.

  3. hey justy
    check out about anti bacterial and anti parasitic effects of wasabi ; under general uses.

    between salt, lemon juice, wasabi you are pretty safe
    most tuna, even from Philippines, is so valuable its flash frozen and vacuumed packed to be thawed at the store just before
    the big sale day; usually one special deal a week at local HT; they buy tons
    4$ tuna sounds bad
    with vic card its 4.99/ 8.99 without, most days, its 10-14$$ for the same, “medallions some people prefer, and only the best receives the sushi grade.
    granted the fish day, especially, tuna, is “THE deal” at my HT store
    41 miles away, beach is 60 the other direction and the tuna is never fresh,in the stores; flounder, a different story

    took years for me to eat raw tuna, now it competes with a porterhouse and “that says a lot”
    the best is still on the boat while fishing

    had Parasitology years ago under Bruce Redd Ph,d most grusume class ever
    ie. GO JIMMY CARTER, almost has eradicated Guinea worm parasite from Africa

  4. Thanks for the info bgbear! It’s good to know these details. I wish I hadn’t overcooked the fish. It is so much better when it’s red. Next time!

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