A Couple of Questions to Ponder

Back in the Saddle

I took a couple of days off from broadcasting and writing and am feeling pretty relaxed. I spent about 10 minutes on JTV during those two days so I’ve got nothing relevant banging around in my head about what’s been happening with the network, but I do have a relevant question.

I’ve posed this question before, but no one’s commented on it, so I thought I’d ask again and use this graphic in case there are those of you that weren’t following what I’m asking.

Are any of you surprised that Tia, the new Community Manager has the age filter on her room? I don’t know. It could be just me, but it seems to me that if you are going to have a Community Manager, a person that is a communicator, an advocate, a supporter of variety and diversity, that you would want that person to welcome all walks of JTV life and not to keep anyone from having access. Now, it’s entirely possible that they intended for Tia to have a channel in which she can do whatever she wants so that she can feel the ups and downs of the technology and the community, but it makes me wonder.

Why did she put the filter on? What is she trying to protect minors from? Is it inappropriate language or other activities that people under 18 should not be exposed to perhaps? It could be perceived as very unwelcoming from the person that’s supposed to rally the community, don’t you think? Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Chicken Pesto Parmesan, Salad and Pasta

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s NOT a Super-Mouse

Those of you that were watching tonight know the answer to this question, but I thought I’d post photos and see what kind of guesses are submitted. So, the big question of the evening:

What is this?

Give up? I’ll tell you on the show tonight at Justopia.com or you can come back here and read about it in the next blog post. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. I’m a smarty pants. I went to Williams Sonoma and cheated. It’s a corn stripper. 😛 Most groovy.

    I hope you get the answer to your Tia question. I’ve never heard of her. Don’t watch jtv, really.

  2. Did you ask her why she has the age filter on?

    From the justin.tv blog:

    “If you want to get a chance to know me better feel free to hit me up on my JTV Email tia-marie@justin.tv. Don’t get offended if I don’t respond right away! I want to hear from you! Do you have a suggestion on how we can make JTV better? Great! Send me your questions, comments and concerns. l will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner!”

    I think it’s a little strange, but maybe she has a good answer or she turned it on by mistake.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I haven’t asked her … yet. I’ll bet you’re correct though. She may not know that she’s put the filter in place. It’s one of those things at the end of the channel creation process and it’s very possible she just clicked the radio button without realizing, although I think the first day I watched her it wasn’t in place.

    It’s not a big deal, just one of those things that makes me scratch my head. I’ll have to send her a note.


  4. Kirsten,

    You are a smarty pants, but very resourceful. Did it take long to find it? I think it’s probably on the home page if I remember correctly. It’s a great tool!

  5. I looked under a “new” heading. It was featured there. I’m tempted to buy one. Maybe today! 🙂 It will make a most excellent gift to my step dad for father’s day. He makes a lot of sweet corn in the summertime. Maybe my grandparents (who grow their own corn) would enjoy one too!

  6. So, I went to Williams Sonoma. I knew I was going “all out” to buy the $22 colander and $26 gold non-stick 1 lb. loaf pan, so I didn’t want to spend more money. But, maybe someday in the next couple of weeks I will go back and buy a couple of those corn strippers. I could have bought so much more, but I’m trying to be good and only buy what I need. I don’t own a colander or loaf plan, and those are staples of any kitchen. So, I needed those. I’ve been creative and used a vegetable washing bowl to strain my pasta until now. Finally! I wanted to invest in a good one. That’s the way I think… buy it right and buy it once. 🙂 …or, at my age I still may have to buy another one someday. :-/

  7. Kirsten, you should take photos for all of us to see! 🙂 I should set up a Flickr Group for everyone to post their WS and food shots. 🙂

  8. I think the tia question is primarily a language issue. For a while (it might still be there, actually) she had videos on her playlist that had very foul language. Adult issues sometimes come up in her room, too…nothing bad….

    I do feel that her channel should be open to everyone and, as a JTV staffer, she should tame down the content in order to do so. Just like any company, you should always present yourself professionally in front of your customer/audience.

    When I first saw her in the help channel, I said she wouldn’t make it two months…let’s see. 🙂

    (she seems to be working hard…she just doesn’t seem to be much of a people person and often ignores tons of questions in help just to carry on a conversation irrelevant to jtv…but maybe it’s just me)

  9. Well Kevin, I asked Tia about it the other day and she told me that it’s got the 18-plus designation because of language and my response was, “but aren’t you, as the Community Manager, supposed to be the role model? She agreed, and said maybe she should take the filter off, but I am not sure if she did or will and to be honest, it’s not a room I plan to frequent.

    I don’t know what the interview process was, but I suppose it’s only fair to give her time. If she wasn’t a JTV fan before the job she has a lot of catching up to do. My advice to her would be — go out into the community and get to know it intimately. For God’s sakes, read Justopia’s blog and the blogs others have put up about JTV. This blog has the entire history of JTV from cover to cover. Barely a day has gone by since May 2, 2007 that there has not been something published about JTV here at justopia.wordpress.com.

    Yes, I am wordy, but it should be part of the new hire packet. ROTFLMAO!

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