Big Numbers

Was Tonight the High Watermark?


There I was, standing in my kitchen working on dinner when Tenten came in and announced that there were 242 viewers. And before long he reported that there were 300 viewers. I knew immediately that I must have been the #1 featured broadcaster at, but this is the first time I’d seen numbers that high. It’s transient viewers and they can’t be counted on to be repeat Justopia fans, but I usually get a couple to tune in for a while and enjoy what’s going on.

When I looked in on, I noticed a viewer count that I’d never seen so high. It was up to almost 52,000 or was it 59k? I can’t remember now, but I do know that this is probably a record. It’s been high all week, there must be major futbol action going on so I decided to check it out for myself.

It looks like UEFA Euro 2008 is in two weeks and with the 2010 World Cup South Africa looming off in the distance, qualifying matches are being played and people are coming to JTV to watch and to keep themselves informed.

I swear it seems like the World Cup just happened. That it was just yesterday that I was wrapped up in the spirit in Argentina and hoping the team could pull it off, but I suppose that was about 2 years ago! I think I am in denial that time can move so fast.

Broccoli Salad with Home Made Croutons

I suppose the guys are thrilled with their viewer numbers and I suppose as long as no one comes to them upset that their programming is being re-broadcast free of charge, then they can revel in their wisdom to allow for JTV to be the vehicle for showing broadcast television.

Braised Short Ribs, Broccoli Salad and Yorkshire Pudding

The channel with the most viewers is PSN3. They are broadcasting the Lakers game with 32,000 viewers, only about 100 viewers logged in. The rest are JustinFan###’s, but those user names are no longer published. And how would they publish almost 32,000 names anyway? It’s interesting to watch the chat. People are yelling at each other in various languages and when the broadcast went down for a few seconds, someone was upset and said he/she missed what happened because of buffering.

I wonder if that person is from a country that doesn’t get the game live or if they are stuck at work and can’t watch the game? If not, why wouldn’t they just watch on a normal TV with good quality video? The commercials seem to be far better quality than the game. I suppose the advertisers have struck paydirt via to be able to piggyback on the re-broadcasts of these games.

I wonder how many more people would be watching JTV tonight if they were able to get in and were not being met with 500 errors when attempting to access channels?


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