Yesterday and a JTV Reconnection

The Past

All my troubles did seem far away. Really. I mean it! Why is it that in the moment little thing seem to loom large. So grand. As though nothing like it has ever happened before and never will again. But today, a lazy Sunday off spending time with a friend, having brunch, going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and taking a long, leisurely drive out here in the burbs’, a trip down memory lane was part of the fun and helped to take my mind off things that I’m working through.

We recounted incidents in our shared past that brought smiles to our faces with memories that surprisingly, we both recalled pretty closely. Details that escaped my memory eluded him too as we recounted fun times. My dad once told me that there is no use living in the past, that people should move on in their lives, look toward the future.  But I hold onto memories like prized possessions, remembering only the good things things in that time of my life, rarely the negatives. It’s helpful and healthy — for me.

Today was like that. It made me feel lighter and happier. I’d say it’s better than all the Prozac in the world, but I’ve never taken a drug like Prozac, so I can’t say from experience.

Virtual Reunion

I headed into JTV and saw a familiar icon on the bar.  I decided to head into the room and low and behold, the broadcaster was there.  He channel is often broadcasting, but without her.  Tonight I struck pay dirt.  I went in and she was there.  She saw me enter and had a big hello.  We had a nice, long catch-up session.  It was a nice way to end a calm day off.  I am happy to “see” that she’s doing well and am happy that we could chat.

Tomorrow is a holiday for most, but for me it’s another workday.  I don’t know if we’ll be busy.  I guess historically we are not, but either way it’s another 9 hours on my feet.


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