A Memorable Early Memorial Day Dinner with Justopia and an Entertaining Show FromParis

Another Holiday Meal

I decided to make a meal that would be great for Memorial Day and wanted to give people enough time to prepare for it if they wanted to do something similar. A simple meal really, but the components went together beautifully.

We had a hamburger, steamed green beans, pommes frites (sweet and Idaho) and the red you see is my home made ketchup. What a DEElicious meal!

This is a slice of haloumi (ha-loom-y) cheese. It can be grilled and still retains it’s shape . I caramelized thinly sliced lemons thanks to Knitty’s suggestion

Using a hand-held mandolin, the potatoes were paper thin and I sprinkled them with the decadently delicious truffle salt I picked up at work last week.

And the piéce de résistance was the sinfully good cinnamon bun bundt cake

I used the bundt pan I purchased a few weeks ago

And topped the cake with a butter-cream cheese frosting

One slice almost put me into a coma!

That’s Entertainment

After the show tonight I took a stroll over to RNO’s channel. I don’t usually spend more than a few minutes in his room. As you know, the Virtual Kiss and other little things he does are not my cuppa, but I did want to see what was going on tonight since his viewer count was quite large.

What I saw, for the 30 minutes I was in there before the show ended was a well produced, interesting and fun show . He was having a contest in which people were to name the title of the movie that the musical clip came from. There were two women and a guy on a couch and Arnaud was at the desk with a lavalier mic in his hand. I heard a female voice say, “Justopiaaaa.” The voice was vaguely familiar and a couple of minutes later I realized that one of the people on the couch was Sarah Meyers. Her hair had gotten so long and she was far from the camera, so it took a moment for my brain to catch up with the voice. It’s pretty hard to believe that Sarah made her JTV debut just a year ago. It seems like a long time ago since we first saw her on the streets of San Francisco at the sidewalk café with Justin or with one of the original JTV Producers, Amanda. But here we are with thousands of JTV channels and produced broadcasts.

The other woman is named Josephine and the guy, Craig. Josephine is a musical artist who sings and plays guitar and Craig joined her with vocals and guitar. It was very nice music, albeit not exactly optimal sound on a live streaming broadcast.

What I found amusing was that Arnaud was pitching the CD for Josephine telling people to purchase it on iTunes. Ok so I’ve got to ask…what percentage of the viewing population in RNO’s room actually ever pays for music. Hell, what part of the overall JTV population pays for music? Think about it. 35,000 people watch re-broadcasted professional sports and 1st run movies and Television shows for FREE. Are these people going to PAY for music?

I was in there looking for the CD, but searching on Josephine in iTunes was not the way to do it. Her Myspace link is cut off on the From Paris banner on JTV, so I left without making a purchase, but I did like what I heard and would have purchased a song or two

C’est la vie.

I went out to Arnaud’s blog and found a couple of entertaining videos


4 Responses

  1. Dinner looks great. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Thanks Texgal!

    Happy Memorial Day to you too.


  3. Thanks for this post 🙂

    You are right on the fact that people download music for free and don’t purchase it. In this case, we cant find Josephine on any illegal download site and I was surprised to see after the show how many people went to but her album and songs. Joséphine went to check on her itunes account how many people bought the album and was surprised. I was too I must say.

    I know links for some people that don’t have a big screen resolution are cuts of. Thats because of jtv that don’t setup properly the background page.

    So if you still are interested to check Josephine on itunes :


    Happy you liked the music video 🙂



  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Aluminous!!!!

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