Iron – MAN! and Why Are Some Broadcasters So Negative and Pompous?

Get it Done

Do you have an issue with ironing? I don’t mind doing it, it’s just the part where I have to get out the ironing board and the iron, fill the iron with water, plugging it in, getting out the clothes that need ironing, iron the clothes, put it all on hangars and get it back into the closet.

But, it’s time to Iron-MAN! I suppose if I wanted to procrastinate I could tune into the channel that’s re-broadcasting Ironman today, but it’s “one of those” movies. The genre, one that I made up to help when my friend and I are deciding on a movie to see together, tells us that a title is not one I’d be interested in because it’s, one of those. One of those is usually Sci Fi, Fantasy, Violent Action, Comic or Horror. I know, that leaves me with far fewer choices, but it’s all good.

This leads me to today’s thought. How is Ironman being shown on JTV? It’s new, it released on May 2. How does someone obtain a copy of a major motion picture that can be streamed to their channel for all the world to see, albeit on a tiny video player, free of charge, while the paying public shells out $9 or thereabouts?

It’s one of those unanswered questions, rhetorical really. I don’t expect to ever realize the answer, but I do like throwing it out there.

Snarky, but Not in a Good Way

I was trolling the channels before work this morning and came across a channel I was invited to a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t stay long that day because frankly, it bored me. There are a few channels in which the broadcasters sound alike. If there is no photo or video of the broadcaster, I would be confused as to which broadcast I was tuned in to. I knew full well who I was tuning into this morning however, and thought I’d give it another try.

It was not worth my time though. The broadcaster is one of that pack of people that think it’s ok to be rude, arrogant, pompous, and mostly just plain negative. While we often don’t get a look at these broadcasters, some we do. I’m not writing to discuss broadcaster’s physical appearances though. What’s stuck in my craw this morning is being talked at as though people are lower forms of life.

I don’t get it? Why do people broadcast if they don’t want to engage with those that are reaching out and trying to get to know them. I don’t mean know them in the personal, friendship (VIRTUAL as it is) way. I am talking about getting to know other’s cultures, their likes, dislikes, the interesting things about life in their world.

What in the world is lifecasting about if not to share your world with others.

The Lying Buddah in Bangkok, Thailand 2000

A long time ago (in JTV years) I wrote numerous blog posts about how much potential there is in this medium and having broadcasters cast aspersions on people because they speak other languages, like to talk about other interests, etc., is off-putting and less than interesting to me.

In a short article written for Cynopsis Media shortly after the JTV launch that I co-authored with an old college friend of mine, we penned our thoughts on the potential future of JTV or a similar network. This is what we thought:

Justin Time
by Dave and Fran

Among web 2.0’s innovations is a site combining elements of Reality TV, C-Span and good old-fashioned Mrs. Kravitz-style snooping-on-your-neighbors-voyeurism. Justin Kan, a 23 year old Yale graduate and the subject of the web site, wears a baseball cap with a webcam to broadcast his internet-entrepreneur life 24/7 with hopes that his “Lifecasting” startup will be the next big thing. a real-life version of the Ron Howard movie, EdTV. It’s only occasionally interesting, but apparently interesting enough to merit coverage on The Today Show, All Things Considered and Nightline. There’s also a reasonably significant online following–and sponsors, too. How many of us can say we have advertisers who will pay to associate their name with us for … basically … not doing anything in particular?

Much like C-Span, Justin.TV gets an A for effort, but at best a C for content. Lifecasting would be considerably more interesting if the “hat cam” was placed on a few different heads. Here are a few ideas:

  • Want a personal tour of the Angkor Wat temple but can’t afford the airfare or the 24 hours of travel time to Cambodia? Strap a webcam to a friend vacationing in southeast Asia or a local tour guide and you can be there without going there.
  • Need to overcome a fear (like flying) or experience a thrill (like bungee jumping)? Lifecasting can let you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes without leaving your sofa.
  • Would Roberto Gonzalez’s congressional testimony have included over 50 claims of poor memory if he had been wearing a webcam during the months preceding the attorneys-general firings? You can bet that a few hundred thousand online witnesses would have helped jog his memory!
  • Presidential candidates frequently use flashy web sites to reach out to younger voters. Lifecasting could complement a candidate’s blog by showing what a Day In The Life is like on the campaign trail. For example, what exactly does a candidate have to say to donors to raise over $25 million in three months?

Now, who is going to raise their hand at the next candidate event for Rudy, Hillary, John, John, Mitt, Barack or Duncan and ask which White House WannaBe will be the first head of state with a headcam?

This is far from what I watched in that channel this morning in which the broadcaster was chastising, talking down to, berating viewers that didn’t appear to following the rules. You know those rules that are listed in channel FAQ’s or in the blurb about the broadcaster. I don’t have FAQ’s. I also (knock on wood!) don’t have many issues with viewers that come in and cause problems. They’ve probably all been banned already. πŸ˜‰

A Community Leader and Children

I was navigated my way to the JTV blog and noticed the big announcement — that the Community Manager position has been filled. Her name is Tia Marie. She wrote the blog entry and it gives just a little bit of info about her which you can read for yourself. It’s too bad one of the tenured JTV guys didn’t write an announcement and post it, but hey, c’est la vie at JTV.

Anyway, I dropped into her room and she had a handful of viewers. She asked me to tell her a little bit about myself and I gave her the brief rundown. Been here since day 2, blogging JTV since May 2 daily, broadcasting a cooking show 5 – 6 nights a week since September 14. Kansas Jim was in using the name FarmerBrown and he was talking about what he likes to cook and Tia said she isn’t really interested in a cooking show since she doesn’t cook — that she’s too lazy and that the Schwan’s guy just delivered to her tonight. Hmmm…good thing I’m not too sensitive, or I could be one dejected viewer.

No reason to go off sulking though. It’s rather apparent that JTV is not my audience, that the target demographic doesn’t hang around a site like this, and that is why I have just a small core viewer base that tune in nightly and that participate and are engaged.

I’ll say this much … she’s got personality, energy and is outgoing. I think the Help Chat Thursday sessions will be much different with Tia in the chair. I am going to have to try to remember to check out the broadcast, although I am working Thursday night this week. I’ll try to catch up using the archives. πŸ˜‰

But I digress. While I was in Tia’s room, FarmerBrown alerted Tia that there was an under age girl broadcasting. Tia headed to the room and I was following closely behind. We were in SydneyCarson’sChannel. She had apparently told the room that she was 12 and some of the 126 viewers were throwing text from the JTV Terms of Service (TOS) into the room stating that it’s against the TOS to broadcast if you are under 13. Others were being disgusting pervs and there were one or two that seemed to be in her age group cheering her on trying to befriend her.

Ok, so it’s entirely likely that these people were also pervs disguised in adolescent chat. There’s not way to know. A viewer or two that I “know” from around the network were in trying to get info from her or to offer advice, but she would not budge. Things were being said of a sexual nature that she clearly didn’t understand. People had user names made of vulgar words that she didn’t understand. She wasn’t dressed suggestively for a normal, non broadcasting 12 year old, but to the sick mind of some that would like to take advantage of her, the summery spaghetti strapped little shirt would be enough to cause problems.

At one point she covered up her camera and while she was away, some were shouting for her to come back naked. When she did come back she apologized for covering the camera and said that her mom walked in and she was supposed to be in bed, that it was late and she has finals tomorrow.

Ok, this channel is wrong on so many levels:

  1. Underage
  2. No adult supervision
  3. School night
  4. Finals in the morning

If you were her parent, would you not be mortified to find out that your underaged daughter was cavorting, whether she knew it or not, with older men and woman in a place that is so un-Parental Control friendly that it makes the average viewer cringe?

I wasn’t there long, but in the end, her channel was reported and blocked. She was most upset when she saw the inappropriate content ban and she stated that it was bad because now she can never become #1 with that on the channel and that it would cause more over 18 people to come to her room and that more pervs would frequent the channel.

I’d imagine she will create herself a new channel when she’s around tomorrow and figures out her room has been banned. She seemed most intent on being #1. JTV is just such an unsafe place for minors. It’s a shame, but to make it a place minors can come and be free to broadcast would take a lot of money and resources. Something it seems is not in the JTV model at this time.

No Food For You

Chicken with Lemons and Garlic and Zucchini Feta Fritters — DEElicious!!

I did not broadcast tonight . It was one of my closing nights at the store, so I came home and put my feet up and thought I’d check out JTV and write the blog. I am exhausted. This schedule is going to wear me out. I will be on tomorrow night making chicken . I THINK I will be in the mood for something with Asian flare, but I never know what I am going to be in the mood for until I wake up. Come on over to at 9pm Eastern for some fun and good eats!


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