A Deeper Dive Into the JTV Viewer Counts

High Numbers

Tonight’s dinner, a healthy all-grilled meal was stupendous!

While I was broadcasting this evening, a viewer noted how there were 38k people watching something on JTV and yet just 20 viewers in my room. I toggled over to Firefox, launched JTV and headed to the main page to see what was up. Much to my surprise, the schedules were showing up, but the bulk of the main page was white and there was a message that no featured channels were broadcasting.

Somewhere though, people were watching something. After the show and the dishes I headed back to the computer and took a look around and what I found was this:

Click the image to be better able to read the charts

  • 7% of the live channels were in the Sports category with just 22 channels broadcasting

and as I captured this screen shot a game must have ended, because the overall viewer count plummeted from 28k to 15k in mere seconds

And to make it more interesting:

  • 14,143 of the 15,606 viewers were glued to the channels in the Sports category.
  • 829 were watching the 60 channels broadcasting in People and Lifecasting
  • 53 viewers were watching the 13 channels broadcasting in the Music category
  • 287 viewers were watching the 14 channels broadcasting in the Gaming category
  • 2 viewers were watching the 2 channels broadcasting in the News & Tech category
  • The Animals category had no channels broadcasting
  • 272 viewers were watching the 25 channels broadcasting in the Entertainment category
  • 64 viewers were watching the 3 channels broadcasting in Divas and Dudes

Sooooo, what does that tell us? Well, without sounding like a math teacher at the end of the school year, it tells me that if you measure success with viewer count, then you better be RE-broadcasting professional sports, or movies or television shows or you just aren’t cutting it.

Even in her hay-day, when the silent alarm would sound to let people know that iJustine was broadcasting, she did not draw thousands like these channels do. I’m left to wonder … is what’s left of JTV just a home for people to play other’s material? The only ones to come close to these numbers were The Jonas Brothers. They drew 14k one night in August and at the time, this was a major viewer count breakthrough. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the viewer count hit what was then the stratosphere. It’s hard to believe that was less than a year ago.


5 Responses

  1. This only proves that they failed in cultivating broadcasters that had a following. Keeping the site in perpetual beta would have helped. you cannot grow your core audience when you let any and every asshole in to dilute the site like that. Jonas Bros was the first warning and the warning was not heard. RIP lifecasting (on JTV)… Watch youtube kill it on the lifecaster side. YouTube+giant audience= Viable mass reach for showcasting/lifecasting. Rebroadcasting will not be allow there I’m 100% sure of that…

  2. Yes my LaLaFuFu friend (I don’t know what to call you. You have a mountain of monikers to choose from 🙂

    I agree with the points you’ve made and am anxiously awaiting the YouTube offering. I’m not impressed with the others out there for a variety of reasons.

    The future will tell.

  3. I missed it! I was sleeping. I slept over 12 hours last night. I needed it.

  4. You missed a healthy one. It was all grilled, barely any fat at all. DEElicious!

  5. Hehe yes I’m trying to cut down all these identities online but I’m one of those people always thinking of different things to do so it’s hard for me to stick with 1 😉 Just call me “Sam” Yes I’m waiting for it as well. But in the meantime I’ll come back to JTV or Ustream to practice 🙂

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