Justin.tv Broadcasters Argue the Fundamentals of Statistics and Calculating the Success of a Show

The Fundamentals of Statistics?

There I was, minding my own business when I stumbled upon JWay and PCEASY having a little chat about me and about the blog post about the recent ECV show that has caused a little stir. I was attempting to set the record straight, but it took a phone call to get my point across clearly.

And yet, I am still not sure I was successful. If there were any kind of stats to put behind the whole thing I am sure I could calculate something that would bear fruit, but it’s almost 1:30 in the morning and 9am is going to come very quickly!

So instead, I thought I’d put together a few charts to show JWay, PC, Lorenzo and Les just how pretty measuring success can be. I took the top 4 channels broadcasting in the following Channel Categories, threw it into Numbers and voila! Pretty, aren’t they? If I had more time I would be much more accurate and colorful, but this is not the time.

Just so that you know, I am NOT a mathematician, FAR FROM IT!  Me, the person that basically pulled her hair out and cried after each Six Sigma class at her last job.  But I do like pretty charts. 🙂

The guys seemed to want to talk pie charts, so I thought I’d do that first. As usual with pie charts, the info is tough to decipher.

So then I thought I’d throw together their 2nd favorite type of chart, the bar chart.

A scatter plot can be useful, but clearly, not in this circumstance. I think I’ll try to put togther a histogram and figure out just who the longtail belongs to in a night of JTV broadcasts.


One Response

  1. You might as well be showing these charts to a bunch of monkeys as they will not know what to actually do with this information. Your wasting your time trying to reason with stupidity.

    Oh btw’ nice cameo at the end of PCEasy’s youtube video. Epic…

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