Yaaay! I’m a Winner!

Flip Video!

iJustine had a contest and I won! She put a graphic up on TastyBlogSnack.com, her website and made entering very easy. You could either subscribe to her on YouTube or join her mailing list or both. I had already subscribed to her on YouTube so I subscribed to her mailing list. I was busy finishing up in the kitchen and by the time I came back to my computer and saw the email that I had won the contest she was getting ready to sign off BlogTV , where she was hosting her chatfest for the night.

We had a little Twitter and email conversation back and forth after. I was a little reluctant to send my address because I thought the mail might have been a hoax.

I had forgotten about the contest and since I am one of those, “I NEVER win anything” types, I didn’t think I’d win and it wasn’t top of mind. Not having tuned into her broadcast I didn’t get to see her announce the winner so I thought I should just confirm before sending my info. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was all legit and that I will be getting a FlipVideo in the mail soon! Yippee!! iJustine never broadcasts on JTV, so I forget to seek out her broadcasts, but I am kept laughing with her videos.

Old News

Lamb Stew and Zucchini Feta Fritters

Before heading off to bed I noticed ECV’s channel up on the bar and popped in. I managed to catch it at broadcast time and I tried to watch for a while. pceasy is always fun to listen to because of his infectious laugh, but the info was snoreville. So bad in fact, that I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap! Roxie and Jumpoff and affair or not and pictures of various and sundry people past and present on JTV. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hopefully something great will happen in my world so that I have something interesting to write about!


6 Responses

  1. Justopia:

    Sorry to hear you did not like last night’s show.

    Wow we have some very demanding – sometimes angry fans – if we don’t entertain them 100 percent! I thought last night was a great show. Judging by the chat screen and the number of viewers we had, I think last night was a success.

    If you have any show or topic ideas, feel free to forward them to me.


    PC Easy.

  2. pceasy,

    It’s just me. I think a young woman having an affair with some guy she meets on JTV is just not a topic that interests me.

    I am just looking to laugh again. There has been little to laugh at or about on JTV in months, ya know?

    You are what makes watching worthwhile. You do manage to make me smile.

  3. Perhaps Justopia is a bit outside the ECV Show’s target demographic. It’s not surprising to find she is not trilled to hear drama about the alleged love life of a couple young adults. Although I agree with PCEasy in saying the show was a success I think Justopia was alone in her opinions. Although as a broadcaster I would expect her to be more aware of the idea that ECV does not host a show that caters to every viewers interest. It would be like Patrick of Lifedoc criticizing one of Justopia’s show because she wasn’t cooking a vegetarian dish that particular night. You just cant please everyone…

  4. Yes Jayway, you are absolutely correct, although you don’t need to speak about me as if I am not here. Clearly, I am outside of the target demographic for most of the channels on JTV. I have made no excuses for being a more mature (in chronology not drinking years) JTV fan and have written about it countless times. I was just saying I did not find that particular broadcast interesting — to ME. Again, this is not written for the news media. I am not a journalist reporting a story. This is my Blog — my WebLog — my journal and if you are a regular reader, you know that I write about whatever sparks me during my jaunts around JTV and recently, there has been nothing to entice me to stay around and watch for any measurable period of time.

    I am not used to measuring success by anecdotal information. I come from a background of Pareto Charts and Histograms and Standard Deviations, Bell Curves and Probability Theories, but if you guys feel the show was a success based on the comments in chat, that’s cool.

    It’s not what I say that matters and I am not asking you or ECV or pceasy or anyone else to entertain me. I was just hoping for laugh, for some amusement like we had 8 months ago when the ECV show began.

    Most people would not want to tune into my show because they either don’t want to watch a 50 year old woman work her way through another dinner prep or because I don’t drink or tease or share private stories or broadcast illegal or copyrighted programming. I get it. It’s not what I am after.

    I was simply making a comment that I found the show about a married woman having an alleged affair with another viewer/broadcaster a snore.

    No harm, no foul. No care.

  5. ECV? Whats that? iJustine asked if it was some type of infectious disease like herpes off the mouth or gonorrhea of the eyes. I thought this virus had been put done, but I guess it’s still out there rearing it’s ugly head. Gawd bless AmeriKKKa…

  6. Hiya LaLaFuFu!

    Why don’t we ever see you in the tame Justopia.com at night?

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