WordPress Challenges and a No Photo Night

I tried
No joke. I thought I’d get a short blog post published before lumbering off to bed and headed into WordPress to write when I got home from the store, but that was not to be. The front page was rather bare, missing links to all posts and getting into the admin tool was not possible. For a while there were no WordPress messages, just the typical time out messages you receive when a site has not launched for a while and then WordPress threw out messages with time estimates of ETR’s for when you could expect to get into your Dashboard. Oh yeah, and in that message was an apology for the short notice, but that they had to perform some maintenance. While it was frustrating, it was good to see that they had their customers in mind.
I thought, well, ok, I can wait. I’ve got to be at work by 9am and it’s already 12:30am, but I can wait just a little bit more. That was when the message reported I had just 2 minutes to wait before I could access my Dashboard.
I checked and saw it count down to 1 minute and when the minute had passed and I attempted to get in, it had regressed back to 5 minutes. And that is where we stood just 30 seconds ago when I decided at 1:10am that I had really better turn off the lights and go to bed. But alas, I am in the site and rather than trash this little blurb, I’ll post and let you know that I will be back with words and photos tomorrow. I am hoping I can remember to pick up some eggs and flour so that I can make a cake in the beautiful new pan I purchased yesterday.
Yesterday, that “quiet” Friday before the 24 hours before Mother’s Day madness and mayhem hit the street this morning. The day that seemed very busy, but was nothing in comparison to what hit us today. It was a great day for retail where I was and while the economy seems to remain in the dumper, we knocked it out of the park helping people of all ages and sizes, male and female, pick up that most important item for the kitchen that the mom in their lives can not live without.
I enjoyed so many of the people that came in seeking assistance with their Mother’s Day needs and it helped things go more quickly, but right now, as I prepare to lay my exhausted beyond belief head down on the pillow, my dogs are yelling and screaming and praying that they don’t have to hold me up for another 10 hours tomorrow and then again on Monday.
I’m sorry to tell you sore feet and legs of mine, but we are going to do this all over again in just 9 short hours.
With that, I will call it a blog post for the day and “see” you all tomorrow. I’ll be in the Justopian kitchen at 9pm Eastern. Come join us please!


2 Responses

  1. Technology, don’t you love it. These problems you have shown with wordpress are exactly the reason I am trying the features to see how they work. What happens when I put in a dodgee email, are these comments moderated? I’m writing my own blog module for a popular CMS and have been told that wordpress kicks butt…so here goes:

  2. Hi zzmer,

    What did you find out when you did your test?

    For the most part I’ve been very happy with WordPress, but on a few occasions I’ve been stuck up into the wee hours of the morning trying to get something published and grow bleary-eyed waiting. One day all of this will be just a memory.

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