Bulletins and Abandonment Issues, a Viewer’s First Time and a Few Notes

Another Tidal Wave of Defections?

TylerPeel sent me these photos of his Greek Lasagne creation. He made me very hungry with these! 🙂

I took a look at the recent bulletins I received on my JTV account after I got home from work today. I needed something mindless to do. My brain has been overwhelmed with training materials and in an effort for it not to explode I thought it best to think about something that truly needs no brainpower. Bulletins fit that description perfectly.

I have yet to post a JTV bulletin and don’t see me doing it anytime soon. I am not so sure who reads this stuff on a routine basis. It’s like MySpace or Facebook. I may be the only person on the planet that can’t be bothered with all the extraneous stuff on those social networking sites, but I doubt it. We have so much junk and clutter in our lives, why do we need to add more?

I did notice one thing in common with today’s bulletins though. The theme was ticked off broadcasters and threats to leave JTV. Some are leaving for USTREAM or Stickam, others just claim they are fed up and leaving — period. The complaints are about broadcast quality. Yes, there are issues, but I have only had a few days in the 8 months I have been broadcasting where we’ve had to resort to Justopia.com only and two times we had to head over to USTREAM for a little while, but in the recent past I’ve been able to broadcast pretty well.

There have been some issues with buffering and I think quite often it’s my own fault — I keep the JTV feed up on my Mac while the Justopia.com feed is the one I watch and read chat in. This little Mac can’t handle both streams, so the light bulb finally goes off and I close the other browser and things appear to be fine.

An omlette with sautéed shallots, mushrooms with bacon, cheese and tomatoes

At least one broadcaster says he is leaving for broadcast quality reasons and that his viewers have dropped off. I have seen a significant drop in viewer-ship, but I am going to own that one as well. I’m going to either need to become a much younger, taller, amazingly attractive blonde woman or possibly transform into a monkey or possibly a video game character. I suppose I could take on the persona of a Giada DeLaurentis or Rachel Ray since it would be right up the culinary avenue I’ve driven down these past 8 months, but I’m not sure how doable that will be either.

Don’t you think working and eating in this kitchen would put a smile on your face?

I need some suggestions. I have an idea that I presented last night, but it didn’t get much of a reaction. I’d like to make the broadcast more of an interactive cooking class. People pay good money to go to culinary schools or cooking classes in their local kitchen stores or even at adult education. I’d like to move in that direction and thought a first step would be to consistently post recipes that are used on the show each night right here in the blog. I’ve posted many recipes, but it’s never been consistent, I just run out of time before stumbling off to bed, so bleary eyed I sometimes find myself brushing my eyeballs instead of my teeth. Ok, not really, but you get the gist.

And we made a Dutch Baby Pancake with sautéed apples and walnuts sautéed with dulce de leche

Going forward, my plan is to post menus and recipes a week in advance so people can get to the market and purchase the ingredients and cook along with me. I’d start small, once a week. It’s going to take real planning and time management on my part, but I thought the small group of core viewers could be a kind of beta test group.

So I proposed an idea and asked for volunteers. I often produce meals using no recipe at all. I make it up on the fly, just as I did last night with the incredibly DEElicious shrimp. I had the energy to write up the recipe in the blog post, but when I got to work this afternoon and was chomping down on the leftovers I realized I forgot to note soy sauce. I didn’t use much last night and it would be fine without it, but I’d rather have kept the written recipe true to what I produced.

Last night I asked for people to volunteer to be recipe scribes for me. I thought we could have one volunteer per week or maybe per month. That way as I cook, they could just scribble or type out the ingredients, amounts and little notes about how the dish was put together, send it to me and I’d publish it. Of course I’d give the volunteer credit and they’d probably be on the receiving end of a Justopia Cooks goodie of some sort in thanks for helping.

Maybe people are hesitant because you are afraid I would be hard on spelling and grammar. I PROMISE not to be — really, truly. It’s about making the channel more worthwhile and for me it’s about more than just having company, albeit virtual and fun, for dinner every night. It’s about sharing my home cooking, recipes and experiences from around the world with you.

I thought having people helping to scribe might be a way to generate more interactivity.

An Inspired Viewer

In my kitchen I have the rolling pin, the Dutch Baby Pancake Mix, the Epicurean Cutting Board and the Spatula — well, you all know I have the spoon, but this is my next favorite silicone cook’s tool! 🙂

A regular Justopia Cooks viewer, Tyler Peel had his first Williams-Sonoma experience today and he wrote to tell me all about it! Tyler lives in Canada and told us last night that he was making the trip to the shop. He is going to tell us more details during the broadcast tonight and I’m very excited to hear more. From the photos he sent to me, I can see that he purchased products that we have at our store and he even picked up one of my favorite red silicone cooks tools. Actually, I think I’ve spoken or have shown from my own kitchen, just about every item he purchased. I’m so excited for you Tyler! Thank your for sharing your experience with me and with Justopia fans.


Speaking of working full time — I am closing tomorrow and Saturday so I don’t plan to be home until about 10:30pm. I won’t be broadcasting. I will broadcast every night next week except for Thursday when I am working late again. I’m clearly going to be working 2 – 3 nights a week, so this is going to take some planning in order for everyone to know when to expect the broadcast. The schedule at justin.tv is not going to synch up exactly, so if you don’t see it showing up at 9pm or if it’s there an I am not, just know that it has to do with my schedule being anything but stable. I will keep everyone informed via Twitter, so please be sure to follow me.

We’ll work something out.

Thinking About You

I hadn’t heard from AngelEyez for a while and she came in to tell us that her husband passed away a little less than 2 weeks ago and that she wanted to come spend some time in Justopia because it always brings a smile to her face. Angel, we’re thinking about you!

And Laggie came in and was not feeling well at all from the chemo. I told her I will bake up some home made crackers with lots of salt since that seems to help. I need to make some time this weekend and get them done for her. If I could send my famous “Kosher Penicillin” — home made chicken soup I would do it in a heart beat, but spoiled chicken soup is the last thing she needs.


2 Responses

  1. I have always thought in my mind this was your goal for the channel, to allow us to prepare the meals you make for yourself at night. I would definitely take the time to prepare the meal with you as a veiwer since I have little to no cooking ability at all. So sign us up for the Justopia Cooking Class. It would be exciting to actualy work with you on meal as opposed to trying to remember the steps myself.

    Nice work Tyler for all the photos. Tenten will be real jealous of this one.

  2. Sometimes it takes me a while for the lightbulb to go off. I suspect this is what ChannelZ was getting at oh… about 8 months ago, but I apparently have this thing about having to have the experience for a while before it all makes sense to me. So, now that I’ve been working away in the kitchen and had last weekend to step away from it all the light bulb went off.

    Glad to hear it is something you think you’d be interested in!


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