Vacation Comes to an End and a Short Blog Post


Landing in Minneapolis

I clicked my heels three times and woke up at home in my own bed last night. Without missing a beat, when I got home late last night I unpacked my bags and put everything away. What I’d like to do when I return home from a trip is to leave it all in the bags and sit back and relax, but I know that if I did that the bags would become permanent fixtures in my bedroom and I don’t want that, so I get right to it.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my “normal” broadcasting and blogging, although I’m not sure what there will be about JTV to write about. Things seem to get more and more boring each week. I wish I were into sports or gaming, it would make the network so much more interesting. Apparently, it was interesting to over 30,000 people this afternoon. I am not sure what they were watching, I didn’t bother to go into IRC to analyze it, but from a cursory look, it seemed there was a lot going on in the world of sports. 😉


2 Responses

  1. glad to have u home and back to work on here………..

  2. Hi Dezining,

    It’s good to be back!

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